Children's why nosebleeds nosebleeds how to deal with child

管理 / 2018-05-21

Why Children?In life we find that the probability of children nosebleeds usually relatively large, then you know why you?Why do children actually nosebleeds?The following night on the network to talk with you children why nosebleeds。Why Children nosebleeds 1, childhood acute febrile diseases, often some of the acute onset may occur, high fever infectious diseases, particularly upper respiratory tract infection is more common。
When a high fever occurs, the body's mucosal angiogenesis congestion, swelling, nasal Such pathological changes also occurs。Acute nasal congestion, swelling more likely to cause bleeding, because the nasal mucosa hail superficial blood vessels, at once severe fever, coupled with the force of external force to blow your nose, mucous membrane will rupture blood vessels under。
2, trauma nose is exposed surface of an organ, once the trauma occurred, such as combat injuries, falls, nose first to suffer。Under the impact of severe trauma, blood vessels in the mucous membrane will rupture, bleeding。
Why Children nosebleeds 3, digging the nose, strictly speaking, to dig the nose should also be included in the scope of trauma。
Children's curiosity and uncomfortable, often like to use your fingers blindly digging in the nasal cavity, which is a not health, but also can lead to partial nasal mucosal bleeding bad habits。General dig beneath the nose of the site is in front of the nasal septum, and many of the parts of the blood vessels, many tiny blood vessels in this cluster are woven into a mesh, Yousi cobwebs, both superficial and very thin blood vessels, parts of the nasal cavity in the mouth, as long as a hand-dug, will be able to ruptured blood vessels。Children's nose bleeding more than 90% of the site is here。