"Water-shaped Story" cold box office Oscar lost the aura of the classic game IP?

管理 / 2018-05-26

  For the "Tomb Raider" movie, we need to explain some of the background, which is adapted from the classic game IP。 In the 1990s, the game "Tomb Raider" once available gained widespread attention and praise, gain a lot of fans, so we all remember the protagonist of the game, a tall proud little sister labor La Croft。 In 2001, Angelina Jolie starred in "Tomb Raider" movie release。   Like most games adapted from movies, too, and Julie version of "Tomb Raider" Makes no difference, Hom Mei 2018 edition of the "Tomb Raider" is also very simple and crude, according to "three-piece treasure hunt movie," the mode, that is legend, melee with authorities, both to meet the gamers, but also allows the audience to see very ordinary tension。
  Hom read the sister of "The Danish Girl", it is estimated will be very distressed her man in this movie, because from start to finish, she was in the play, she is opening in the field fighting, riding in the back of his father when the adventure, from Hong Kong to the mysterious island, has been playing in。
Some netizens said that Laura was hit in big trouble this time, in the cinema witnessed Laura being Tongzou various positions, hit a stone, hit the tree, off a cliff。 Although Hom sister also said before, for this role, she worked hard a muscle, but the audience seemed still think she should hurt。   One critic concluded that this was in fact routine early adventure – the protagonist is to continue to be tortured, the only way to fight back after the outbreak of the hormone allows the audience to see。   In addition, many passers-series like Tomb viewers might be a little disappointed, because this one is not very "tomb", probably only the beginning of the tomb scenes last more than 40 minutes, two-thirds of the first half of the scenes is an island adventure。
  Island adventure scenes is quite exciting, Hom sister in the jungle running, jumping, escape some of the fragments, it feels like watching a player playing the live version of the game。
In particular Hom sister fell into the river, almost into the bottomless waterfall, caught a last minute old aircraft is about to rot, finally fled into the aircraft, the aircraft did not expect too old, it may not even and the aircraft fell into the waterfall together in the last minute, grabbed a rescue parachute has been broken rot before they are saved。
Here we see palms sweat and sweat。
  The film to the Chinese audience, should be a big look forward Daniel Wu, but look down will also find that there is not much space to play Daniel。
Although he played from the first half of the movie, and even a big show of his muscles, but after entering the island, together with Hom sister adventure scenes is more general, he played a major role in this role is to lead the bank into the sister event。
He did not even enter the tomb, also did not participate in the final ultimate battle, sorry。
  "Water-shaped Story" two lonely souls to save each other's great for watching "Water-shaped Story" directed by Guillermo del Toro called "Mexico three heroes" one of the big screen, the story of the Cold War, a bit childhood was taken from the sound of Silent Alicia during the government laboratory, they discovered the secret of subjects of the government, a half-human, half-fish weird biological。
This monster team of scientists who want to extract the substance capable of producing biological weapons, but in the eyes of Alicia, and it is but a lonely life as their own bodies, two lonely souls had saved each other love。
  It can be said, "Water-shaped Story" tell the story of a multi-dimensional, both the 1962 mid-Cold War era background, and tells the story of how "alien" is the convention in the world, how to be bullied, unworthy。
"Heart Labyrinth" director Xin Yu-kun issued after watching the film critic, said: "Toro always marginal figures, little voice, can always find solace from another world, reality and fairy tale sometimes only a fine line between。
"In fact," water shaped Story "is particularly suitable for viewing on the big screen, from the picture point of view, retro color matching and fantastic lighting effects, a lot of fans to bring a lot of surprises, it restored the era mysterious, so get the "Academy Award for best Production Design" is no accident。   Reporters learned that access to information, the film's location from the University of Toronto campus Garbo, Alicia small room and theater appearing in the film is taken from Toronto's Massey Theater, Palladio wind Massey Theater Renaissance itself it is very attractive age。
  In addition to these scenes, fine detail is reached on the extent of one kind of heinous, according to comments domestic users is "cast is simply Virgo upper body"。 Alicia's room sets perfect reproduction of the early American style of the 1960s, this room alone each frame are comparable to painting, full of art, specific to the watches, calendars imprinted with all these small pendant age label。
It is understood that, in order to collect furniture and ornaments in this era, the art director and set designer who traveled to Michigan, New York and Toronto retro furniture store。
  The same movie costumes withstand scrutiny, three-dimensional model of bags and sexy high heels reveal the US women's understanding of fashion 60 years, it is learned, scouring the streets of New York under the tutelage of scenery to the 75 pairs of vintage shoes。
In addition, the director of the use of warm and cold colors, unique lens control, together with the whistle soundtrack Alexander Di Pula, so that the dream of the perfect combination of retro and。
Therefore, the "Daily Telegraph" evaluation of the film "screen beauty to the immense"。
  More to say take a look at the heart of a kidney word go, last night, "Tomb Raider" watercress scoring as "water-shaped Story" is; look at the box office, "Tomb Raider" super-billion, "water shaped Story "more than 65 million for the latter is only a quarter of the former。
Estimated number of people will come to a conclusion, "Oscar halo" actually lost classic game IP。
  In fact, so to compare, not science。
"Water-shaped Story" After all dramas property, after reading triggers you generate a lot of thinking and ideas; and "Tomb Raider" is a piece of commercial property popcorn, watching on the end, make you so cool just in cinema that two hours。
A take heart, take a kidney。
And the classic game adaptation of the film, the audience will harvest in advance to make a public game fan base than this hobby much larger group of art films。
Kong Xiaoping。