November is about the implementation of these new regulations must be real-name registration of Internet domain names

管理 / 2018-05-27

Xinhua Beijing October 30 (Reporter Lu Junyu) November 1 will soon come, a number of new laws and regulations implemented soon。
We sort out a detailed list you will have to see what impact your life together?Internet Domain Name Regulations issued domain name registration must be real-name Ministry announced September 1, "Internet Domain Name Regulations" the revised requirements of the domain name registration service provider domain name holders should be true, accurate and complete status information such as domain name registration information。 This provision will be implemented on November 1。
Amendments include: clear division of responsibilities and the provincial communications Authority; perfect domain name service license system; standardize domain name registration service activities; perfect domain name registration information and registration system for privacy protection; strengthen thing in ex post regulation。 Hire non auctioneer auctioneer will be fined million worth of "auction supervision and management measures" effective from November 1, 2017, January 5, 2013 the State Administration for Industry Order No. 59 revised "auction supervision and management measures "At the same time abolished。 "Rules", the auctioneer shall not use property or other means of bribery to solicit business; not to use the auction notice or other methods, the subject of the auction to make false and misleading propaganda; not fabricating and spreading false facts, damage to other auctioneers business reputation; shall not violate the trade secret by improper means; not an auctioneer and other staff members to participate as bidders in the auction by himself or entrust others to bid; not in the auction sold his own organization the articles or property rights; auctioneer shall not employ non-hosted auction; not in violation of laws and regulations and other regulations。 Meanwhile, the "measures" also provides that no malicious collusion between bidders; not malicious collusion between bidders and auctioneers; principal in the auction shall not participate in bidding or trust others to bid; auctioneer, commission people, bidders shall not participate in the auction auction or countries prohibit the sale of goods or property rights; not to principal auctioneer, bidder, buyer requires confidentiality grounds, hinder the supervision and inspection。
The insurance company will fully implement the dual record mislead consumers insured will be accountable November 1, China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "insurance sales practices dating back Interim Measures" will be formally implemented。 One of deception misleading sales market in recent years, reflecting the interests of consumers of insurance against the most serious problem。
In order to further regulate insurance sales and service behavior, to address consumer concerns deceive misleading sales problems, China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "insurance sales behavior can be traced back Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules")。
"Measures" by insurance companies, insurance intermediaries of insurance sales practices can be traced back management, record and preserve key aspects of insurance sales process, sales behavior can be played back, important information can be found, the question of responsibility can confirm。
Among them, the insurance sales practices can be traced back, it refers to insurance companies and insurance intermediaries collected audio-visual materials through audio, video and other technical means of an electronic data recording and storage insurance sales process is the key to achieve sales practices can play back important information inquiries, liability may confirm, commonly referred to as "dual record," which is the key to selling audio, video。
Shares of companies listed on the national conditions of the revised guidelines will come into effect from November 1 September 6, the National SME share transfer system limited liability company issued on the revision of the "National SME share transfer system shares listed conditions apply basic standards guidelines (Trial)" the announcement, to further clarify the conditions listed in the applicable standards。
The new "guidelines" will go into effect November 1 implementation。 Specifically, according to the National Shares of the company "to the control, the burden of proof may be recognition" principle, listed six conditions laid down "guidelines" for refinement, including a clear set of state-owned shares of the relevant approval requirements; the company declared the latest issue of the financial statements by the deadline, "not before the restructuring reference date" changed to "shall not be earlier than the date of incorporation Ltd.", and defined the scope and application for listed companies under the relevant conditions subsidiaries applicable standards; refinement "operating record" and the "continued viability" of specific standards and many other content。 General Administration of Customs administrative licensing matters clear customs supervision workplaces "People's Republic of China Customs surveillance zone Interim Measures" by the General Administration of Customs was discussed and approved by December 27, 2016, will take effect on November 1, 2017。
January 30, 2008 General Administration of Customs Decree No. 171 issued a "People's Republic of China Customs control premises management approach", April 27, 2015 General Administration of Customs Decree No. 227 issued "General Administration of Customs on Amending Some Regulations Article VI of the decision "shall be repealed simultaneously。 "Customs surveillance zone People's Republic of China Interim Measures" clear customs surveillance zone include customs supervision, bonded supervision areas, customs workplace, duty-free shops and other sites and locations where Customs control, the Customs and the Customs surveillance zone and management of workplace supervision and co-ordination to make principled provisions。
Inter-bank bond market a new regulation to strengthen the inter-bank Chinese market intermediary liability Dealers Association has officially issued "non-financial corporate debt financing instruments issuing of registration regulations" and the relevant supporting documents。
The new regulations will be implemented from November 1。
According to reports, the "rules" change is mainly directed from the hierarchical management of people, strengthening responsibilities of intermediaries and optimize the registration mechanism in such areas。 New rules to optimize the institutional arrangements hierarchical management and investors to adapt and strengthen intermediary responsibility, reinforce the "agency assumed responsibility for due diligence is the basis for" registration system idea, detailed disclosure requirements, taking into account the protection of investors and directed issue of flexible and convenient two demands, simplify the registration process the whole issue of working mechanism and optimize risk prevention mechanism。
Editor: Fei Fan。