Warriors who won Durant had to thank this man he helped to dispel doubts KD

管理 / 2018-05-27

  Beijing March 20, according to the bleachers reported, the summer of 2016, Kevin – Durant decided to join the Golden State Warriors, and a key figure behind this decision is currently playing for the New York Knicks point guard Jared special – Jack。
  2 years ago, that summer, Jack Durant suddenly received a text message that read: "You are now easy to speak to?"Jack was the seriousness of the problem overawed, because he and Durant have long recognized, Durant great respect than his 5-year-old Jack, who had trained together in the offseason, but Jack Duran special piece of text in the tone of surprise, because this is not the conventional way of communication They。
So Jack Durant quickly called the phone。
  "How Stephen (Curry) this person?"Jack asked Durant。
  It did not take too long, Jack Durant to dispel doubts, and let him start thinking about signing with the Warriors。   In fact, when the Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals loss to the Cavaliers, they began to recruit Durant。
While Durant interest in the Warriors, but he was not sure, that summer signing with Durant which team could be the most important decision in life, so he needs more information。
  2012-13 season, the Warriors played for Jack, he can be said to have witnessed the rise of the library, but Jack was as a mentor Green。
  "Jack is probably the first person I contacted。
"Durant recalled," because when you had to be there and coach or the players talk, the situation is different, when they (the Warriors) have begun to emerge, and Jack was there。
I know he is a man worthy of my trust, and he knew the players thoughts。 "It was Jack told Durant that he likes all the Warriors。
"You're a good man, they are a bunch of good guys。
You will love them。 "This is Jack told Durant。
  Not long after, Durant decided to sign with the Braves, and a year later helped the Warriors weight championship, and he was named Finals MVP。
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