Free time doing chair exercises

Exercise is ubiquitous, as long as you master the right methods, you can sit and exercise.

If you have time and have a chair around you, you can do chair exercises: relax your whole body, sit upright on the chair, it seems to hang down naturally, the right side leans forward, back, turns left and right, and once from right to left,The second turn in the opposite direction, each three times; extended to the body, fingers crossed, palms extended, arms extended forward and backward, spread forward, the posture remains 3?
5 seconds; sitting in front of the chair, with legs bent forward, contracting the waist and expanding the shin; sitting on the chair, twisting the upper body, turning left and then to the right, each 10 times, the rotation should be as large as possible; sittingOn the chair, hold one leg with both hands and bend your knees, bring your thighs close to your shin, stay for a while, lower them and change to the other leg, each holding 5?
10 times.

  Exercisers can do 1 every day?
2 times.

For people who work at desks for a long time, they can lower their heads at desks, relax the tension of bending over their backs, and eliminate local fatigue.