How good is climbing for the body

●增加身体柔软度与协调感 (Flexibility&Coordinationofmindandbody) 这是攀岩的关键能力,其重要性更胜于体力;国外已有医疗领域,将攀岩用来矫治孩童肌肉发展及手、眼、身体之协调训练上.
  ●增强体力(Strength) 攀岩运动要的是手脚均衡的力与美,并且足以负荷自己的体重、对抗地心引力,这件事,女孩可是一点儿也不输男孩   ●集中力(Concentration) 脚下全Stepping on the rock block diligently and paying attention to every detail of the body’s displacement on the rock block can cultivate a person’s concentration on things.
  ● Initiative When giving weight by leaning on a climbing rope and “hanging” on a high rock wall or tower, do you give up or continue?
It is not only courage to describe, but also willpower, honor, and determination to transcend.
  ● Self-Confident In the face of a rock field that is at least 3 or 4 times taller than its height, it is still determined to have difficulties, and it is natural to have self-respect and self-confidence.
  ● Balance is called “Spider-Man” walking on the rock wall. The basic posture of walking is “moving at three points without moving”, relying on the sense of balance!