Look at the nails and know the blood

Nails are the external glory of viscera, qi and blood, and they are directly connected with the viscera and meridians of the human body, which can fully reflect human physiological and pathological changes.

Here are some simple nail inspection methods.

  Chinese medicine believes that nails are the external glory of viscera, qi and blood, and are directly connected with the viscera and meridians of the human body, which can fully reflect the physiological and pathological changes of the human body.

By observing the shape, size, and color of nails, you can reflect a person’s basic health status, and even grind his potential health crisis; and through the changes of nail gloss, texture, spots, etc., you can get through the seriousness that is happening quietly in the body.

Therefore, learning to observe nails is a popular method of self-test for health.


Nail color nail whiteness: pale nail color, lack of blood color, more common in patients with malnutrition, anemia; even if the nail suddenly turns white, it is common for emergencies such as blood loss, shock, or chronic diseases such as hookworm disease, gastrointestinal bleeding.

It should be noted that if the nails are as white as frosted glass, it is a feature of liver cirrhosis.

  Nail color turns gray: Nails are gray, mostly due to hypoxia, which is more common among smokers; for non-smokers, the nails suddenly turn gray. The most likely cause is onychomycosis, and the initial nail edgesIt will itch, then the nails will be deformed, and the tarnish will become grayish, such as onychomycosis.

  Yellow nails: yellow nails, in Chinese medicine, they are mostly caused by hot and humid fumigation, common in hypothyroidism, carrotemia, nephrotic syndrome, etc .; Western medicine believes that yellow nails are mostly related to the lack of vitamin E in the body.
If all your nails turn yellow, you must be treated, because that is a sign of general weakness.


Nail texture Nails change, which means that there are some horizontal lines, vertical lines and spots on the nails.

Traditional Chinese medicine has pointed out that this change in nails is closely related to pathological changes such as poor function of tissues and organs, destruction of tissue structure, and atrophy.

  Vertical lines: The surface of the nails is not smooth enough. Stripes of straight lines usually appear after overwork and overuse of the brain. When there is insufficient sleep, these vertical lines will appear clearly.

If vertical streaks persist, it may be a chronic complication of internal organs.

  Stripe: The stripe on the nail is a record of the deformation that has occurred.

In the beginning, the horizontal streaks are only at the bottom of the nails. The nails grow again and gradually move upwards.

  Spots: There are a small number of white spots on the nails, which are usually manifested by calcium deficiency, silicon deficiency or parasitic disease; the large number of white spots may be a sign of nervous breakdown; and the yellow fine spots on the nails may cause the digestive systemDisease; if you have black spots on your nails, be careful. Those who are mild are just overworked and malnourished.


Nail shape Lily shape: Nails are relatively long, with a noticeable length in the middle, curved around, and the shape is like a lily piece.

This type of nail is more common in women. The shape of this nail is the most beautiful, but most people who have this nail are more sick from childhood, especially the digestive system is often prone to problems.

  Sector shape: Typical nails are narrow and wide at the bottom, and the fingers are curved.

People with fan-shaped nails are mostly born with strong physiques. They have a good physical fitness since childhood and have a strong tolerance, but they can easily ignore their own health.

  Round: Round nails. The host looks strong and rarely gets sick.

This type of person is very insensitive to disease, and it is difficult to consciously sense the physical state of the body. Therefore, once they are sick, they are often very heavy.


Nail gloss nail color refers to the gloss and color of nails.

Healthy people’s nails have a certain gloss and are uniform, like a smooth glass, and the nails should be beautiful pink.

Once the nail color changes, it means that some problems have occurred in the body and should be recognized.

  There are two types of Kozawa brightening.

One is that the nails have lumps or strips, rather than the entire nail, which is mostly related to pleurisy and peritoneal effusion; the other is that the entire nail is as bright as oil, andThin nails are common in patients with hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and acute infectious diseases.

  Uneven gloss: The uneven gloss of the nails can be manifested in different nails or in different parts of the same nail.

If each nail is shiny at the front end, and the roots are dull and dull, there may be chronic bronchitis; if only part of the nails are uneven in gloss, it implies that some chronic damage and inflammation exist in the body.

  Loss of luster: If the whole nail is like frosted glass without any trace of luster, it means that there are certain chronic diseases in the body, so it is necessary to pay attention.