[How to cook mung bean porridge is delicious]_How to cook_How to cook

The efficacy of mung bean soup in eliminating summer heat is well known to many people.

Although it is difficult to adjust the mouth, the mung bean soup can last for so long, mostly because people have accepted its taste.

The family practice of mung bean porridge is to add mung beans to water and cook for a few hours, but this method is bothersome and the porridge produced is sticky.

Xiao Bian taught everyone a few tricks of mung bean porridge, the quick-cooking effect is enough.

The practice of mung bean 1. The material of mung bean soup: mung bean, boiling water, rock sugar practice: 1.

First wash the mung beans and soak them in boiling water for about 40 minutes. Those who like soft beans can soak longer.


Drain the water, put the mung beans into the pot, and add boiling water. The amount of water should be slightly more than the mung beans (about half an inch immersed in mung beans). 3.

Cover with gypsum, cook over high heat, cook until the soup is dry and turn off the heat; 4.

Add boiling water and cover the pot tightly, simmer for 20 minutes, skim off the floating skin, and cook for another 15 minutes. The mung beans will bloom and become crispy. Add rock sugar to make the mung bean soup.

Second, mung bean barley sugar water material: mung bean, barley, rock sugar practices: 1.

Wash the mung bean barley and soak for about an hour.


Afterwards, add green water mung beans and barley.

Put the sugar in the pot and boil until the mung beans rot.


You can also make a light bowl of porridge without rock sugar.

Tips and tricks: Efficacy: Antipyretic, dampness, and spleen from the network of rice, sweet, light, slightly cold.

Return to zero, stomach, lung meridian, infiltration of dampness and dampness, slightly cold and clearing heat, mainly clearing dampness and heat, and both have the function of strengthening the spleen, resulting in spleen deficiency and dampness, dampness bet, and lung dysentery.

Used for porridge, the main effect is clearing away dampness and heat.

You can also add red beans to enhance the effect of diuretic water, and help you live this hot and close “Changxia”.

Third, red bean mung bean porridge materials: red beans, mung beans, barley, rice practices: 1.

It’s actually very simple. Wash all the ingredients and pour into the rice cooker to increase the water in the pot. Press the button for cooking first, then press the button for porridge for half an hour, cook for about two hours, and then keep warm.

Salty and sweet.

Tip: This porridge is soft with bean scent, on time!