Qi and blood:5900Internal force:17966
Arm strength:390Root bone:720
Shen Fa:300Savvy:41
Fuyuan:40Constant Force:40
First56chapter、Cloud Crane
Du Jueming breathed a sigh of relief,Finally, she raised her body to300Up,If not9Advance10Has additional attribute bonuses,Want to rise to300I’m afraid I’ll have to work harder。
Now the conditions have been met,Du Jueming’s heart is also a little itchy,After all, Duan Yu said that there is the inheritance of Xiaoyao faction on Wuliang Mountain.,This is quite tempting!
And the reins of the black rose presented by Mu Wanqing have reached the deadline,So since,Inheritance,Can also recover the mount,Kill two birds with one stone!
“To Dali City。”
Du Jueming casually ordered the coachman,He walked directly into the carriage。
The carriage is not luxurious,It’s just a patchwork of bare wooden boards,But compared to running on your own,,Of course it’s more comfortable to ride in the car。