Wei Keqin nodded happily and said yes。
Jiang Fan thought of Ding Yi’s instructions to make him strong,So there is no laziness when working,Except after following She Wenxiu around,He spends most of his time working seriously,The secretary Di Fengchun was so tired。
That’s why Di Fengchun said Jiang Fan didn’t know if he was tired。
Talking,Bao Zhigang opened the door and came in。He walked in and said:“Oh my God,It hurts all over,Didn’t feel tired from working yesterday,Woke up this morning,Just fell apart with the pain,I can’t hold the chopsticks in the morning,Inflated。”
“Haha。”Jiang Fan laughed,Said:“me too,Don’t talk about chopsticks,The spoon can’t be pinched firmly。”
At this moment,Duan Jinbao, the deputy mayor, came in,He came in and said:“Mayor Jiang,How did you feel yesterday?”
Jiang Fan said:“Anyway, the sweat is so happy,Staying in an air-conditioned room all day,Can’t sweat,I sweated so hard yesterday。”
Duan Jinbao said:“I didn’t expect Mayor Jiang to be so healthy,Have stamina,Hardly idle,All doing。I’m so tired。”
Jiang Fan said with a smile:“Xiaodi said just now that your physical fitness is the best。”
Xiao Aiguo is here,He was on duty yesterday,Did not go to work。Said:“The mayors worked hard,How about I invite you to the sauna for a massage at noon?”
Bao Zhigang said:“Also massage,Some meat hurts every touch,What is your heart??”
“Haha。”Duan Jinbao said with a smile:“Just invite us to drink。”