Peng Changyi quickly handed him the basket of beer,Said:“We all drink too much,Take it back and drink it。”
Jia Dongfang took a look,Just say:“Assistant Qiu, take it。”Talking,A stoop,Took away the half bottle of beer that I had just drunk。Assistant Qiu took a basket of beer in Peng Changyi’s hand,Walked out with Jia Dongfang。
Peng Changyi looked at their back and was in a daze,Yao Jing came here,Said:“Peng Changyi,Why do you straighten your eyes as soon as you see a beautiful woman today?”
Peng Changyi retracted his eyes,Look at her and say:“Am i that pretty?”
Shi Xiaoqing said:“If someone sees a beautiful woman with straight eyes, I believe,Director Peng has absolutely no such problem。”
Peng Changyi smiled,He deliberately said:“Teacher director,Did you find out,Mr. Jia was very frightened when he lost his temper,But when he admits his mistake, he is also very cute。”
Shi Xiaoqing curled his lips and said:“You get it,Once he drank, he said it himself,When his first child was born,He is not at home,When he comes back from a business trip,I also think children are fun,But the child kept crying at night,He can’t sleep,Pick up the child and throw it out,If it wasn’t for his wife to snatch the child back in time,Maybe it will make a big mistake。He regretted it afterwards。He said if he wanted to hit someone,I can’t control my hands,His wife is often beaten all over by him,My legs trembled when he came back。”
Yao Jing said:“Gosh,Is he human?Dare to throw his own child,Tiger poison still doesn’t eat seeds!”
Shi Xiaoqing smiled,Said:“Then his wife divorced。Over thirty years old,Still alone,He himself said that his temperament is not suitable for marriage,This is Qiuyue following him now,Few women dare to approach him。”
Yao Jing said:“Sister,Who is this person you know,Take care of such a person?”
Shi Xiaoqing smiled,Say:“I have a working relationship with him,He really has a bad temper,But there is still a set of business,No matter how he made it,His business vision is very unique,Less than ten years,Become a well-known local company,There is indeed something extraordinary。All right,Leave him alone,We talk about people’s bad things behind the back,Song song。”
Everyone laughed。Yao Jing is continuing to order songs,Peng Changyi’s thoughts went off,he thinks,Jia Dongfang doesn’t know Wang Yuan,Wang Yuan doesn’t know Jia Dongfang either,So what is the grudge between them??Why two people who don’t know each other,Seems to have a big holiday?Jia Dongfang said he asked the foreman to call Wang Yuan,Wang Yuan Shut Down,What happens if Wang Yuan gets on the phone??
Peng Changyi was puzzled at the same time,Just thinking about it in my mind。
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