“Sun Yanfeng?”Ye Bing frowned and glanced at the name on the book,Then I called the Information Department of the Military Intelligence Department,“Help me find a number,138……,The owner’s name is Sun Yanfeng。”
After hanging up,Wang Xuan, who didn’t know it, asked carefully:“Niche,Colonel Ye,What’s going on?”
“The man who bought your jade medal is a murderer!Already killed several people。”Ye Bing said coldly。
“what?”Wang Xuan trembled in shock,When this person came to get the jade medal,Did he personally hand over the jade medal?,Think so,He just killed him。
“Nothing,Da Lang will be here in two days,I’ll let him come here to protect you。”Mo Xiaosheng’s face was bloodless when he saw Wang Xuan,Pat his shoulder quickly,Comforted him。
“I am a little skeptical about the use of these jade tiles,Major Mo,Have you seen this symbol before?”Ye Bing frowned and looked at the symbols on the drawing,Dignified。
“Very familiar,But I can’t remember where I saw it。”Mo Xiaosheng’s Thoughts,Truthful answer,Since he has an impression,That means his ancestors should have seen this pattern,But he really couldn’t remember for a while。
“I feel a bit like witchcraft symbols in Lingnan and other places。”Ye Bing said hesitantly。
“Could it be some cult abroad??”Wang Xuan also interrupted and asked。
“Correct,Also possible!”Ye Bing nodded surely。
Wang Xuan looked happy,Rubbed his hands and asked:“Colonel Ye,I think I have the potential for intelligence,Can you reconsider my entry into the military situation??”
“Sorry,The recruitment standard of our military intelligence department is not so low!”Ye Bing unceremoniously rejected him。
Wang Xuandunjue a thousand arrows through the heart,Looking painful,Sighed,Heroes are useless!sorrow!sorrow!
Suddenly Ye Bing’s phone rang,The information department has found Sun Yanfeng’s information,Report with Ye Binghui:“Major Ye,Sun Yanfeng’s information has been found,He is a local from Beijing,Own a small jade jewelry shop,No criminal record。”
“Jade jewelry shop owner?”
Ye Bing frowned slightly,Seems to feel something is wrong,Asked:“Where is the address of his store?”
“The store address is on Jiankang Road……”
The information staff on the other end of the phone stopped suddenly,The voice changes suddenly,Anxious,“Colonel Ye,This Sun Yanfeng,Died a week ago!”