Mo Xiaosheng looked angry when he saw him,Smile faintly,Didn’t say anything more,Since this Fujiwara will not admit it,He can’t help it。
“you,You go first,You are second……And me,Stay at the end,just in case!”
Fujiwara said to his two most promising juniors at this time,Ordered them to play in a while,Just to be safe,Fujiwara arranged all the masters on his side。
“No more trouble,The three of you!”
Mo Xiaosheng glanced at Fujiwara Akira,Said in a very flat tone。
The place is very quiet at this time,So after Mo Xiaosheng’s words were spoken, everyone heard clearly,The whole hall was in an uproar!
This is too crazy!
They have been in this underground park for so many years,One enemy three,Don’t say yes,I have never heard of it,Even they can’t even think about it!
Either Mo Xiaosheng was young and frivolous,Either Mo Xiaosheng is too confident in his abilities,And it’s the blind confidence!
They think the latter is more credible!
“Mr. Mo,I advise you to stay steady,I’ve seen the skill of Akira Fujiwara,It’s not comparable to ordinary people!”
“Yes,Mr. Mo,He is the brother of Miura Hui,Much better than Miura Teru!”
“Mr. Mo,Come one by one first!”
Everyone rushed to persuade Mo Xiaosheng,Some of them have seen Fujiwara shot,Know how terrifying Fujiwara’s skills are,So I still advise Mo Xiaosheng to be cautious。
Mo Xiaosheng laughed at everyone’s persuasion.,Why he said so,Because he has strong self-confidence!