Medivh is a real boss,Carlos is convinced,Whether it’s magic skills or logical thinking ability。
But the lack of intelligence,But made him make a wrong judgment。
Not right,Can’t be called an error,It should be said that an incomplete judgment was made。
The Emerald Dream is far from being the key to planet restart。
Organize information from Carlos’s memory,The Emerald Dream is the blueprint for the entire Azeroth,Is the backup of the world,YesGHOSTMirror。Restarting the planet is just one of the basic functions of the Emerald Dream,It also has more far-reaching and secretive uses。
But Medivh is not a traverser,Able to collect this level of information alone,It’s really awesome。
“The key to your return to Azeroth,Just above the emerald dream。”
Medivh didn’t sell it,I went on talking for myself。
“Send you back to Azeroth by other means,You go back,Time is wrong。Relatives and friends are no longer alive,The kingdom is long gone,Is this what you want?”
Carlos shook his head。
“So starting from the Emerald Dream is the best choice。Don’t worry about how I found out that the Emerald Dream is connected,A bit complicated to explain,Otherwise, I can’t even describe the key points in words。But the basic principle is to find a planet that also has the Emerald Dream,Send you over,Then you enter the Emerald Dream,Open a back door with a little trick,Enter the ruined dream of Azeroth,Then come out。”
“What a simple plan。”
This time,Carlos used the standard great intonation,Did not hide his irony at all。
“Don’t look at me like that,Mainly because my status is embarrassing,Actually, I helped Aggrama with a lot of private work,The friendly unit in front of the Pantheon,Emerald Dream,It’s just the performance of turning your face,Otherwise I’ll be on it myself,Still need you?”
“Technically mature?”
Carlos felt like he was on a thief ship。