More than this。
As the temperature is getting cold,The air surrounded by air after the cold and heat.,It’s just floating a frost。
This strange scene caused all the attention of everyone.。
Especially the members of the black,As if this cold is deliberately targeted,A shadow that cannot be described in their heart。
And people in the world are equally horrified,I can’t help but people are enemies.。 Unique affirmation,This is certainly very powerful.。
Otherwise, the words will not cause this vision.。
And Maji standing in front of the floor window,One pair of eyes suddenly,First is full of confidence,Turnd。
She didn’t think of it.,This person turned back。
But……When did the boss be friends with him??
Just when she thinks。
The following Elsa Face is dignified,Trial inquiry,“Lord,Who are you?。”
Heard her words,Blue long-haired youth’s mouth evoke a curved arc。
But there is a little uncomfortable between the look.。
“You don’t know who I am.?”
Turner Suburb。
A separate manor villa。
Aiden station in front of the villa,From time to time。
But between his look,It is full of excitement and excitement.。
Especially think,It will soon see that it is like a summer situation like a dead dog.,Suddenly excited。
There is an overlord to plant your hands.。
Although he didn’t have a hand from beginning to end,And just small use of rights。
But what you have started, but。
I think this incident is returned to the headquarters.,The damn guys should be shocked.。
He is not a core member of the American carving,Otherwise, the words will not be sent.。
He has already thought of the effects of this matter……I can’t wait。
So,More than ten minutes,A car slowly。
See this,Aiden eyes bright,Heavy exhaled,Pressure。
Subsequent,He quickly turned into the villa。
The car parked in front of the villa door。
Driving bald big man looking back behind the summer,The look is complex to the extreme。