When Chen Xiu took a shower and looked in the mirror, he noticed the changes in his skin,Knowing that it is caused by the excretion of impurities from the body,Now I heard Ou Sheng said that he has the smell of fresh meat,He really doesn’t know if he should be happy or unhappy。
Young people in small towns who have lived for more than 20 years,Finally he became the most annoying man with flowers before。
Women are born for beauty、Interested in skin care,Lin Caiwei, who is not yet familiar with Chen Xiu, couldn’t help but touch his http://www.jvchuan.cn face.,Surprised:“Really slippery,I knew that the Exorcism Sutra can beautify me and practice a little bit more。”
Although it’s two beauties who are bothering themselves,Chen Xiu still feels the feeling of hanging up and selling ducks in a hypermarket。
It turns out that Little Fresh Meat really sells meat!
“I am not a duck,You are not lust,Can you stop touching!”Chen Xiu couldn’t help protesting。
The two girls are giggling,Ou Sheng squeezed his cheek harder and smiled:“You a big man,Touch what happened,Don’t suffer!”
“Yes http://www.lufeiair.cn indeed,Your face looks like a kid’s ass!”Lin Caiwei rubbed his face vigorously,It’s like kneading a ball of dough。
Chen Xiu broke free of the two girls,Anger:“Your face is the ass!”
The two women laughed happily,It’s even more presumptuous to deal with Chen Xiu。