And look at it before,This,Snowy’s face is full of a touch of smile。
“Yet,I think since you said this.,It must be found。”
Xueli said,It is starting to find here.。
And Shen Xuan,It is not so blind to find。
Shen Xuan found the structure of this place directly,Look carefully。
Herein,Shen Xuan looked at it,quickly,Shen Xuan found a few places have problems。
then,Shen Xuan is directly looking for it directly.。
as predicted,Really let Shen Xuan,There is found here。
But when you see it here,This,For Shen Xuan,Shen Xuan’s face,It’s all over a touch of smile.。
As for now,Another thing is aunt and temporarily say something。
But treat these problems,Shen Xuan’s face,It’s all over a touch of smile.。
“here,Actually some of the structural maps of the dark night assassin?”
Shen Xuan feels,This is completely available.。
Since it is like this,So next,Shen Xuan is cherry,Start from here。
But these,In fact, it is true that,Fall back,Capital is not enough。
As for these,In fact, it is,It is not so important.。
But another side,Snow Li is yelling:“Shen Xuan。”
this,what’s the situation?
Shen Xuan is slightly curious,See the distance。
Could it be that,Is Xeli discovered??
Now,No matter how much you are temporarily,Shen Xuan is still the first to see,I know what is going on.。
Plug,I have used it recentlyapp, \\app \\ Android Apple mobile phone support!
I came to the place where the sound came.。
Here is one of the places before Shen Xuan.,At that time, Shen Xuan also felt,This place is definitely a problem。
Indulgent,But there is no time to find here。
But now looks,Indeed,and,The problem is still very difficult。
Shen Xuan watched his eyes,But I found a lot of things here.。
and,These things are messy, there is no chair。
This makes it look,More like a warehouse。
“Shirley,What’s wrong with you?”
Shen Xuan came here,I asked curious about Shi Li。
It is the exit in Shen Xuan’s words.,Snowy in front of you looked here,It is slightly shakes his head.。
“This,Here is my five-poison door.。”