Prescriptions and food therapy for treating breast hyperplasia

Breast hyperplasia is the most common breast cancer disease in women, and its incidence is the highest in breast disease.

In recent years, the incidence of the disease has been increasing year by year, and the age is getting younger and younger.

According to surveys about 70%?
80% of women have different degrees of breast hyperplasia, more common in 25?
45 year old female.

  After suffering from breast hyperplasia, a considerable number of patients have not paid enough attention, they have not been to the clinic or only seek to recover the symptoms of breast pain, and they are not aware of the potential danger of breast hyperplasia-that is, a small part of breast hyperplasia does not migrate for a long time.Benign breast tumors or malignant lesions.

  Hyperplasia of the mammary glands is the structural degeneration of the ducts and lobules of the breast tissue and the growth of progressive connective tissue. The main cause of the disease is due to endocrine hormone disorders.

So what are the causes of endocrine hormone disorders?

Chinese medicine believes that: the feelings are not good, the liver qi should not be leaked normally, and the qi stagnation and blood stasis are condensed.

Modern medicine believes that: marriage, childbirth, expectation, the external environment and genetic factors of human survival are the primary causes of breast disease.

  The symptoms of hyperplasia of the breast are mainly characterized by painful breast healing.

At first it was diffuse soreness, tenderness was obvious on the upper and outer sides of the breast, and the pain increased before each menstrual period, and the pain subsided or disappeared after menstruation.

In severe cases, there was persistent pain before and after menstruation.

Sometimes pain radiates to the arms, shoulders, back, upper limbs, etc.

Patients often report a lump in the breast, but only thickened breast glands are touched during clinical examinations.

There are very few adolescent simple breast lobular hyperplasia that can heal in about 2 years, and most patients need treatment. Don’t bear it.

  Because breast hyperplasia is mainly caused by hormone imbalance, treatment should start with conditioning endocrine.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine have its own unique features, especially those with imbalances, constipation, and breast hyperplasia.

  In order to detect breast diseases in a timely manner, experts recommend that women over the age of 25 must check their breasts every month. The specific method is: standing in front of the mirror after cleaning, hands on hips, rotating the body left and right, and observing the bilateral breasts from the mirror.Whether the skin is abnormal, whether the nipple is invaded, and then use your fingertips to stick to the breast and move slowly in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Do not squeeze, so as not to mistake the normal breast tissue as a mass.

  Prescription and diet therapy: 1. Two scorpions, sandwiched in steamed buns or cakes, once a day, seven days as a course of treatment. Two courses of treatment should be used together. The treatment can be rested for 2 days.

  Second, kelp 2-3 feet, 1 tofu, boiled soup diet.

The seasoning is added as usual, and vinegar can be added optionally.

  3. Hawthorn orange cake tea: 10 grams of raw hawthorn and 7 orange cakes in boiling water. When the tea is boiling, add 1-2 spoons of honey and eat it frequently.

  Fourth, Tianhe red jujube tea, 15 grams of asparagus, 8 grams of acacia flowers, five red dates, tea, and honey jam.

  Five, cactus fried pork liver, regular food is effective.

  6, 10-15 grams of black sesame seeds, 5 walnut kernels, 1-2 spoons of honey.

  Seven, 30 grams of raw Platycladus orientalis leaves, 15 grams of orange kernels, 15 grams of wild chrysanthemum, etc., decoction can be.

  Eight, two to three pieces, three small black fungus flowers, ten red dates, three slices of ginger, seasoning, add stewed as usual.