16 tips to end your irritability

Below, we have 17 ways to overcome irritability.

If you are irritable during a certain period of time, you can read these methods carefully to solve your problems and relax your mood.

  1.Cognitive emotions are unfair to those around us when they are irritable, which is why it is important to acknowledge that your bad temper is causing them.

Our partners, loved ones, and friends understand that your irritability has nothing to do with them, but that you yourself are too worried and nervous when you look at the problem.

When I’m in a bad mood, I always tell my husband: “I’m in a very bad mood today, I’m sorry to make you feel difficult to get along with me.

It’s not your fault, please be patient with me.

“If I said that, my bad temper would immediately diminish, and David was relieved.

  2.Check your sleep pattern How many hours did you sleep in 24 hours?

If I sleep in general, my temper will become very bad.

Maybe you can calculate how much sleep time you need to cope with your maximum activity, but you will find that your life is losing a little bit.

I suggest you go to bed half an hour every night for the next five days, and then you can see if you feel better.

Personally, I find it difficult to go to bed early at night because I am always too focused on my writing or other things.

To make yourself sleep better, you should adjust the alarm clock to an hour before bedtime.

This gave me a slow transition and I could read a few pages before I went to bed.

  3.Exercise When was the last time you breathed really fresh air?

Or when was the last time you sweated from sports?

If you are in a bad mood, then you should exercise.

Consider taking a relaxing walk every day, even for just ten minutes.

If you find it difficult, you can take part in some sports classes so that you can easily stick to your plan.

Try to write down your exercise schedule for the next week and stick to it.

See how you feel then

  4.Do you have stress?

Sometimes bad mood is caused by stress.

If you are like this, you can follow the order of the major and the minor, the problem that makes you stress, and solve one every day.

For example, if everything in my life is done as hard as I can, I will feel stressed.

However, as soon as I tackled only one aspect of my life, my stress immediately reduced.

  5.Finding fun When was the last time you did something purely for fun?

You should make sure that what you plan to do each week is fun.

If your life is not fun, start now.

You can join dance or cooking classes, join drama and fitness classes, start learning ceramics, or make gardens and surfing.

Every month, I started playing kite surfing.

When your feet move on the surface of the sea, dragged up and down by the sea water, and make a rattling sound, you can experience the pleasant feeling.

  6.Avoid Negatives When I’m in a bad mood, I find that various negative thoughts gather in my head.

Everything seems to have its negative side.

A few weeks ago, I heard that there is an easy way to change negative patterns.

I learned that when an American priest handed out his purple bracelets to his followers, they told them to change it to the other hand, and every time they would suffocate.

The original goal was to not repeat it for 21 full days.

  When I was in a bad mood last week, I wanted to try this method.But I only remember half of it, so I decided to use a rubber band instead.

As I told you, let it go from this side of the wrist to the other side of the wrist, every time I change, I will have a negative thought.

Then I was surprised to know how many negative thoughts I would have when I was in a bad mood.

  7.Strengthening the cultivation of the soul When we are in a bad mood, we usually feel that some things in life are distorted.

At this time you should check how well your spiritual cultivation is going.

You can meditate, think and exercise, pray, fantasize or talk to nature.

There are other methods you can take to broaden your horizons and not repeat yourself.

If your mood is bad, it means that you ignore the important part of life, which can deeply nourish a part of our lives.

  8.Checking your goals is sometimes bad, suggesting that our lives are running into a dead end.

Do you have a goal?

If so, did you achieve these goals?

If you set some goals in the early days, then now is a good time to dig it out, revisit it, and see if you followed these goals.

Maybe you have some long-term dreams to realize.

You may be trapped in complex day-to-day management and leave your long-term dreams behind, until “I have time” to prepare.

However, you should consider taking a little time each week to advance your goals.

For example, some time ago I got a novel, and I spent 30 minutes a week thinking about the storyline and writing it down briefly.

Ask to review your goals.

  9.Take a break. When was your last vacation?

Sometimes we should put ourselves and our needs behind, obeying our bodies and will.

If your mood is bad, you may need to rest.

One way is to make certain days of the following week a holiday.

Imagine looking at your original home as a tourist.

Throughout the day, be a tourist who can have fun.

If you have friends and family, invite them to join as tourists.

  10.Improve your diet. What have you been eating lately?

Have you eaten enough quality food?

Or do you gobble up while eating at work?

In the following week, you can choose one evening to make a unique dinner table, invite friends, get together and relax.

Then you will find that your irritability is waning.

  11.Check your health Sometimes, irritability is a sign of health problems.

Especially chronic illness can lead to irritability.

Allow me to ask you a few questions: Has your fitness decreased?

Does your pain and discomfort continue?

Do you function your health?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you should consult your doctor to check your health.

  12.Letting yourself relax is a sign of resentment.

Resentment is a warning sign that warns us of excessive caution and goes beyond our usual capabilities.

If you find it difficult to say “no” to someone else’s request, you will be exhausted by too much work and trivial matters, without time to rest.

You can think about it and set aside an hour for yourself each week.

In this hour, you can do what you like.However, I suggest you do some positive entertainment instead of negative entertainment.

Negative entertainment, such as watching TV aimlessly.

Active entertainment is doing things that make you feel good.

  13.Enhance self-esteem What is your self-esteem?

Are you full of self-doubt?

Or do you have confidence in yourself?

Low self-esteem is associated with negative self-talk.

The more you talk to yourself in a negative way, the lower your self-esteem and the more likely you are to hit yourself with inner self-taunts in stockings.

But there are still ways to solve it, here are three steps I have practiced.

  Preliminary: Watch out for your pain.

  Step 2: Stop thinking.

If this is difficult, I will firmly say “Relax now”.

  Step 3: Slowly place your hand near your chest, maintain this position, and take a deep breath.

  Try this magic method, it works really well.

  14.Playing with Children When I feel bad, I go to see my favorite young friends, Mary and Anna.

They immediately asked me to join their performance, and I suddenly became a star, singing in front of everyone.

Or dress up as a sophisticated detective, search the garden, and correct the criminal.

, Wrestling around on the ground, or playing catching games at the seaside, there is no need to diagnose and treat, these are good medicines to cure my irritability.

  15.Helping others helping others can alleviate our irritability.

One thing you must avoid is that you should not repeat your life any more when you are helping others.

Who among your neighbors and friends needs help?

Maybe you can find an easy way to help them.

Do you take care of their children for a day, make cakes for them, take them to the doctor, write an hello email, or call them and ask what they are doing?

When you are sad, focus on them, don’t be alone.

You can listen to them, and this is the best gift you can give to others.

  16.Vent through writing. If you feel irritable will become a habit, then try writing.

This is one of the most effective methods in self-help tips.

Allow yourself time, sit in a quiet room, and start writing.

You can start with this very simple way: “I’m angry .”.

Let these words flow on the paper.

If you find it difficult to continue, you can write: “Actually, I am really angry .”.

Then you will find how amazing what appears on the paper!

If you do it three times a week for three weeks in a row, you will feel a noticeable improvement.

  I hope these 16 ways can help you get rid of your irritability.

Controlling irritability is very important because it can determine your mindset.

Knowing how to control your irritability means that your life is brighter and happier!