[How to make meat fillings delicious and tender_How to make meat fillings delicious and tender]

Traditional meat fillings are purely meat-containing, while modern recipes use minced meat, a mixture of distilled wine and spices, and sometimes beef sauce or pork beef.

It turns out the meat is always meaty.

Many modern recipes contain beef sauce and are even sometimes replaced with vegetable shortening.

However, the preparation of meat fillings is also particular about it. Today I will teach you how to make meat fillings, and use them to make meatballs that are delicious and smooth. Of course, they can also be used to make dumplings, buns, and so on.

Everyone can learn from each other and make a variety of cuisines.

Ingredients: 2 pounds of meat, spring onion, garlic, eggs, soy sauce, white pepper, salt, vegetable oil, sesame oil, sweet potato flour.

Production process 1, prepare 2 pounds of meat filling, more simmered and less fat, it is best to replace pork hind leg meat, where the skin is thicker, the proportion of simmered meat is high, it contains a lot of gelatinous substance, it is most suitableIt comes to make meatballs.

2. Break in two eggs, which can embed the tenderness and smoothness, and then add green onions to order the minced garlic. Among them are flavored ingredients. In the process of preparing meat fillings, it is generally used if there is no special instruction.

3, start to season it, add raw soy sauce, white pepper, salt, each a little bit.

4. Then pour in an appropriate amount of vegetable oil, put the oil and cooked oil paste here, and it is more suitable for cold dishes. During the cooking process, it can reset and lock the delicious gravy, and then add its sesame oil for aroma.

5. The most important step in adjusting the meat filling is to add half a bowl of water starch (sweet potato flour), the ratio of water to powder is half, stir and melt, then pour into the meat foam.

The purpose of adding water twice is to make the meatballs more tender and refreshing.

6, and then pour in half a bowl of water, stirring in the same direction, the time must last for 5-6 minutes, so that the meat filling will be vigorous, and the meatballs will be fragrant and tender,Super delicious.

7. After pinching the meatballs, fry them, cook them, and steam them, please take care of yourself. The focus of today is to teach you how to make fresh and tender meat fillings.

Tips: 1. In the process of stirring the meat, in addition to adding starch water, water must be added again. The resulting meatballs have a soft and smooth taste.

2. In the process of preparing meat fillings, an appropriate amount of vegetable oil must be added, which can not only through the role of lubrication, but also by keeping it delicious.

3. In the meat filling, you can also add seasonal vegetables, shellfish, and the main ingredients are not just pork, but beef and mutton are suitable.