[How to save fresh shiitake mushrooms]_How to save_Save method

The nutritional value of shiitake mushrooms is very high. When buying shiitake mushrooms, many people prefer fresh shiitake mushrooms, which are more delicious.

The nutritional value is also higher.

If you buy more fresh shiitake mushrooms, you must save them. Improper storage may destroy the nutritional factors in the shiitake mushrooms and may cause adverse reactions in the human body. Therefore, you must pay attention to the method of storing shiitake mushrooms. How can you store the fresh shiitake mushrooms?

1. Mushrooms are stored away from light. Mushrooms are a kind of fungal food that cannot be seen in the sun, so we are stored in a dark place, so we can store them in opaque bags.

2. Sealed storage method of shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms are a kind of fungal food and need a certain amount of water. At the same time, the structure of shiitake mushrooms is particularly tender. Therefore, shiitake mushrooms should be placed in some opaque bottles or in some bags.It would be better if it could be filled with this nitrogen gas. Nitrogen is a kind of slowing down the metabolism of shiitake mushrooms, so that nutrients will not be lost during storage.

3. If the shiitake mushrooms are in a cool place at home, we should put the shiitake mushrooms in the refrigerator. If there is no refrigerator, the shiitake mushrooms should be placed in the ground in a cool place without light.

If we want to save fresh shiitake mushrooms and eat them again, we should be stricter when choosing shiitake mushrooms, because some merchants will add some water to sell them. This kind of shiitake mushrooms is not easy to save. We must choose some that have not been soaked in water.Shiitake mushrooms.

4. Tips for purchasing fresh shiitake mushrooms When choosing shiitake mushrooms, choose thick shiitake mushroom hats, and the edges of the shiitake mushroom hats will bend and bend.

The appearance of shiitake mushrooms is milky white, and the composition is all wrinkled. The mushroom handle is short and thick and the buds are not opened. Such shiitake mushrooms are better.

Some mushroom faces are cracked. When buying, you should recognize whether the cracks are naturally generated. If they are cut artificially, they are fake.

Carefully observe the surface of the shiitake mushrooms to see if they are structurally complete and do not smell sour.