“Say,When can we go back and see Sister Yanzi and the others??”
Liu Xiaoyun started to change the subject。
“hold on,Don’t worry,Let them know each other first。”
Qin Liang comforted the two girls。
“I’m so worried。”
Liu Xiaoyun can’t wait to say。
“soy Mujer,It’s not that you are looking for a savior,Why are you worried?!”
Qin Liang continued to coax Liu Xiaoyun patiently……“Speaking of,I have to say sorry to you……Originally, I planned to stay with you forever,But then I was ordered to go to a very far place to perform a mission,It takes a long time,and……High risk,There is a possibility of not coming back,So I think about it,Compelled,I had to hand you over to the base……Don’t hate me!”
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One thousand five hundred and twenty-nine chapters Top killer mom
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Tan Xiaoyan said to Yanzi sadly。
“You don’t have to feel guilty,I understand everything,Did you forget that I am also a dragon soul warrior now??Can you pick me home,Already has a great life-saving grace to me!Without you,I’m dead early!”
Swallow nodded and said。