He pretended not to understand what they said,Keep watching tv。
Seeing Guan Yao,Go straight to the TV and turn off the TV,Said:
“Comrade Guan Hao,Don’t pretend not to hear our conversation,Since mom meant this,Please take a stand。”Guan Yao sat on the sofa,Leaned to my brother’s side and said。
Guan Hao stand up,said laughingly:“it is good,Express,I will do my best tonight, invite Guan Yao to dinner。”He finished,Looked at mom and said:“mom,Mom,What age am i,Why are you still worried about this?,Leave him alone。”
Guan mother sits on the sofa,Sighed and said:“I don’t want to care about your business,You two don’t look in the mirror either,Who is like you!I am too lazy to talk about you。”
“mom,Are you anxious to hug your grandson??Otherwise, I will give you a baby first?”Guan Hao kindly said to his mother。
“you dare,You don’t look at your identity,Don’t make me gossip,I don’t allow,Listen to me too。”Mom pointed to Guan Yao and said。
“Yes Yes Yes。”Guan Yao nodded and said。
Guan Hao took his mother’s hand,Pat lightly,Said:“mom,Daughter-in-law will have,Grandson will have it too,Don’t worry about such things,Leave it to us,Alright?”
Guan Yao also stood up and said:“Yes yes,Let’s discuss your grandson first,Fill my belly by the way,Almost starving,And then tell you the result of our joint discussion,Alright?”
“Go fast,Don’t bother me here。”Mother waving。
Looking at the back of brothers,Mom Guan sighed helplessly。
At this moment,Father Guan in the study came out,He smiled and said:“how about it,Are your sons getting harder and harder to deal with??I said long ago,Leave them alone,Not too young,Both have their own business,What to do they know best。”