On the one hand is to test the vision of both parties,On the other hand, it is to test the other party’s achievements and heritage in the collection。
Nothing else,Just say that Shen Huan participated in this matter,Enough to interest many people。
And Master Ruan is also a very famous collector in Huajing City,Rich,Everyone knows him on weekdays。
Now he comes to the game,Many professional insiders,All think it’s worth seeing。
At least they are looking forward to what the works from both sides are。
Everyone has the mentality to watch the excitement。
There are countless people watching even Caishikou beheaded,Don’t talk about such elegant things。
So many people are interested,So I asked where this competition is.,What do I need to watch live。
Ask and ask,This antique tasting event surfaced。
Of course the owner of the club was surprised and delighted。
Surprised,Both of my phone calls were blown,Thousands of people want to squeeze in and take a look。
Happy,This way,Own antique tasting,His reputation spread,It’s definitely a long face。
just,The castle is that big,Although the area is about 2,000 square meters,But today the antique tasting is still going on,You can’t compete because of this competition,Just chase away all the guests?
Some people don’t like watching the show,Just come to see what people treasured!
And those who took out the treasures,In case people think you don’t respect him,Never come,What to do then?
Passed out,What a shame this is!
Is anyone willing to come to participate in the future??
therefore,The club owner can only be a scowling screener,Strive to minimize the number of people who come to watch,Don’t let the entire castle become a crowded vegetable market。