“cough.Not just feet,Are even the eyes a scientific endurance tool?.”
As the next patriarch of the Hyuga family,Plus there is a brother-in-law who is Hokage,Hyuga Hanairo naturally knows a lot more than ordinary ninjas。
“Yes,All over my body,Many places have been transformed into scientific endurance tools。”
Diluda said with a proud expression on his face。
Three small round openings are exposed behind Diluda’s legs,Start to spray nitrogen,Diluda’s speed increased a lot in an instant。
“Next,go to hell,Hyuga Fireworks!”
Although respond in time,But Hyuga Fireworks was kicked again by Diluda。
“Transformed the whole body into a scientific endurance,Is a guy like you still good?.”
Hyuga Fireworks got up from the ground,Wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth,At the same time, put out a soft fist and said。
“well,You have completely irritated me。”
Diluda walks towards the Hyuga Fireworks,One side of her legs began to deform。
More sharp edges and corners,The number of jets has also started to increase。
The jet starts to operate,Diluda makes a run-up posture。
Hear the banging sound,The ground on which Diruda was stepping suddenly broke,With the sound of howling wind,Kick to Hyuga Fireworks。
Coincidentally avoiding the six generations of Penn’s invasion of Konoha,Hyuga Fireworks who did not participate in the Fourth Ninja War,I closed my eyes subconsciously。
But the expected pain did not come,Hyuga Kaho slowly opened her eyes。
At this moment her position has moved from the ground to the trunk,And took the attack for her,Is a one-handed arm,Pineapple head,Man in a white cloak covered with blood,From the white cloak covered with blood,Can vaguely see eight,Shadow。