“Just,This is alive and scared all day long,Might as well die!”
“I still have to believe in the mountain god,Only the mountain god can save us!”
A group of villagers couldn’t help but talk about it,This old grandson is getting better,But think about it,It doesn’t make much sense,Isn’t it a death in the final analysis?。
Mo Xiaosheng glared at the dead bald with a little annoyance,Patiently explain to everyone,“Everyone listen to me,This old grandson can only live for five or six days at most,But what kind of illness he has seen,It’s not easy to live longer these days,If it’s a different disease,After my treatment,It’s absolutely okay to live more months,After all, there is a day of hope if you live one more day!”
When everyone heard Mo Xiaosheng’s words, they became quiet.,Frowning,Thoughtful。
“Say again,I told everyone,Just find the source of this virus,Which is the host carrying this virus,We can find a cure,Then you can be cured completely!”
Mo Xiaosheng holds his head up,Said earnestly,“And with the help of our folks,I believe that the possibility of finding the host of this virus will be greatly improved,So to survive,Our only way,Just unite,Cooperate with each other!”
“Yes,Folks,You always said that the mountain god caused the disaster,But you killed so many cattle and sheep these days to worship the mountain gods,No, it still has no effect.!”
Head Tian also stood up and said bitterly,“I beg you to trust Mr. Mo once,If they didn’t help us,Why do you risk your life to come here?!”
When everyone heard his words, they all started talking,A lot of people nodded non-stop,Obviously approved Mr. Tian’s words。
The old village chief frowned and thought for a moment,Then he knocked his pipe on the stone,Stepping out, Chongmo Xiaosheng said,“Epigenetic,Your medical skills are really good,We can trust you temporarily,But you said you need to find the source of the poison to heal us,Then if you find it for a lifetime,Do we have to wait with you forever?Then we will all die!”
“Will not,Old village chief,I am more anxious than you!”
Mo Xiaosheng looked sad,Can’t help but think of Luo Yilin who was lying on the hospital bed extremely weak,Clenched fist,Chong Lao Village Chief Shen Sheng assured,“I also have a relative who is as sick as the folks,One for me,Better than my relatives in life,and so,I will do my best,Find out a treatment plan to deal with this virus as quickly as possible!”
The old village chief looked at Mo Xiaosheng’s sincere and sad eyes,Hesitated for a moment,Confirm that Mo Xiaosheng is not lying,Nodded,Shen Sheng:“it is good,I believe you,You speak,How can we cooperate with you!”
Mo Xiaosheng, Anina and the others immediately refreshed when they heard the old village chief’s words.,I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief,The face is full of joy,As long as these local residents are willing to help them,They are half done。
Then Mo Xiaosheng explained to the village chief what he needs the local residents to do,it’s actually really easy,Just need to be familiar with the terrain and local plants、Inhabitants of animals as guides,Just take them into the mountain to investigate。
“it is good,no problem,As long as you really help us,We will definitely do our best to help you!”
After listening to Mo Xiaosheng’s request, the village chief nodded vigorously,“I will be able to pick you a bunch of suitable players from these people in a while!”
“That line,Then you can help us find someone,Let’s prepare,Let’s go in a while!”Mo Xiaosheng looked happy,Nodded and said。