Just blinking,There are more than a do or more than a neck,Or follow the inner portions,Contrary to the ground。
Everything happens too fast。
More shortcomings than before。
More than more than ten people are still not afraid of death,For the roots of the peers of the companion。
The most important world!The world’s fastest moment convergence。
Summer figure flashes around more than a dozen killing machine,And then slow down the snake knife。
A quick。
A quiet。
Bringing a visual impact of unparalleled。
The snake knife is only half a feet long,But as if a giant mountain is slowly pressed toward the opposite side。
“啵啵 啵啵……”The air is like a pincoller is generally,噼噼Flaw 彻 响 响 不。
That is an invisible knife to break turbulence,So let the air have a similar sound barrier。
啪!啪!The front rushing more than a dozen killing machines suddenly stopped。 Extremely tacit。
They bring masks,Triller thorn in hand,Stationed there。
One person in front,The upper part is suddenly falling off,As if the cooked apple is usually falling on the ground。
The viscera and blood flows along the wounds of the two disadvantages.。
Flame!The second person’s upper body is also separated.。
Turninafter, the third,Fourth place,Fifth place……After three seconds,Remainder,All have been over。
That is caused by an invisible and huge knife.。
One in front of me,Too bloody and cruel。
But the summer is no expression。
It seems to have a very common thing.。
Look up。
Eyes look at the monitoring of the upper left corner。
After three seconds,Turn around。
This moment,Nervous。
……Top roof。
Four long lives stood in the same place。 They stare at the monitoring screen,It is always moving。
It seems that it has become a four sculpture。
It is difficult to breathe in the atmosphere。