wrong,wrong,If the real world is in front of you,Then the mutant creatures I met before、So-called‘Lord of Seven Flames’Reincarnation、There is also the so-called God of War、Panmang、Demon Lord, everything is fake,All illusory?So how did this illusion come from?It’s just a dream?
“Whoops!Are you sick!I said cheap apprentice,Did your head twitch today??”Peng Weihua behind is shouting,Because Li Tianzhen is thinking about things,Fast pace,Sideways,I accidentally bumped Lao Peng into a telephone pole next to him,My head immediately swelled up and the bowl was a big bag,I almost passed away because of the pain。
“You be quiet!”You Shilong pressed his throat and scolded,Look around cautiously,“It’s serious to meet Lao Zhu and them quickly,Stop yelling again。”
You Shilong is fierce,Those eyes can eat people,Peng Weihua is just playing his temper again,Most have to be flattened,So the four people regained their silence,Speed up the atmosphere。
Connected two small streets,The rain has stopped,The humidity in the air contains the unique taste of Fukuyama,You Shilong took the lead into an alley,Stopped in front of a detached house without going far,He put his head to ear,Listened to the crack of the door for a while,I took another look,This confirms safety,Reach out and knock on the door。
Xiao Liu opened the door,He is carrying a machete in his hand,Meet You Shilong,The nervous look just relaxes,Everyone filed in,Xiao Liu banged the courtyard door tightly。
“Old Zhu hasn’t come back yet?”You Shilong threw the guy in his hand,Sat down on the small chair next to him,The rags of the undershirt can hardly cover the many wounds on his body,And the left leg is even more swollen,It should have been a ruthless one。
“No。”Xiao Liu replied,I will give everyone a bench and chair。
This is a very strange home courtyard,The first three rooms,Two rooms on each side,The building layout is very traditional,Also very compact,The open space in the yard is not big,There is an osmanthus tree in the southwest corner,Not stout,But luxuriant branches,If the courtyard is full of people, it will appear crowded,But it’s very clean。
In Li Tianzhu’s impression,It’s not easy for Yuxing’s brothers to gain a foothold in Fushan,Because it’s entangled with local forces、Keep fighting,There was a time when I moved to prevent the other party from retaliation,Whether it’s the secret courtyard in Wuhua Town, the eastern suburbs of the county seat、Small Sichuan Restaurant,Or Fuxing Village in the northwestern suburbs,It’s not like this,If the memory is correct,He is here for the first time。
“No way,I gonna go see,Logically,They should come back before us。”Zhang Wen just filled a bowl of cold water,Wipe your mouth,Carry the guy and run out。
“You stand,You can go there alone?Old Zhu is sliding,There are Qi Baozhu and Liangzi around,Don’t worry。”You Shilong Drinks and Lives Zhang Wen,Turn around and ask Xiao Liu,“Is there no news from Uncle Hai??”
“Had a call,Almost to Yunshan。”
“That’s good。”You Shilong breathed a sigh of relief。
Uncle Hai?Uncle Hai is also alive?Although Li Tianzhen is no longer as shocked as he was at the beginning,But this news is eye-catching,If Uncle Hai is alive,People went to Yunshan again,Doesn’t it mean that Uncle Geng is very likely to be alive??An incomprehensible warmth burst into his heart,I want to go back to Yunshan to take a look。
“Bastard fuck。”Peng Weihua exploded,Pull out a cigarette,He http://www.c-silk.cn threw another one to Li Tianzhu,Continue to yell,“Hua Shengqiang、Hua Shenghu,You two wait for me,Wait for the breath to come,See how I peel your skins?”
“Alright,As long as you can,Look at you fucking,The back opened a big mouth,What’s so special?,Don’t shame us。”
Peng Weihua suddenly changed color,Patronize,I forgot to have a long slit from my back to my ass,It hurts as soon as I react,I don’t know how much blood shed,He lay down on the small table with a flustered ouch,I dare not move。
“When will Xiaohuo come?Where’s Doctor Liu?”Peng Weihua screamed and stared at Li Tianzhi viciously,“What stupid?If I didn’t save you,Can you take this cut??”