“My Master is actually, I don’t know.。”
At this time, someone named Du Yueyuan.,He said:“Ritual,Miss Zhuang,Wait a auction,I am going to prepare first.,You are free。”
“it is good,Uncle, you are busy first.。”It turns out that this donation event Du Yue is one of the initiators.。
Rui Rui, I am very happy to see the mirror big sister.,Nowout building,Sincere, you should be abroad,Table Table should still go to school,Everyone’s business is all relying on her alone.,I don’t know if the big sister is not a red businessman.。
“Chairman,Hello,My name is Qi Rui。”Coquited 不 齐 说 明 明 明,Just to give Zhuang Xiaoman,
I listened to the careful and taking careful:“Ritual?This name seems to have heard it.。”
“Chairman,I have previously issued a newspaper,The head of the Black Dragon will be the head is me.,Hey-hey……”
“Oh!It is you,I think of it.,Ouyang Xilin once made you with me.,You can participate in this event to prove that he is right.,A young http://www.njllm.cn man is good。”Mirror praise,
“Chairman,I will introduce you to your personal knowledge.,Maybe you can work with her.。”
“Oh!Do you want to recommend something business with me??”
“Correct,Her hands have some tight materials,I know that the chairman of the Ming Director is a business and credibility of integrity.,So the first one is looking for you to talk about it.。”Who is selling goods in Zhuang Xiaoman’s hand?,Why not sell it to yourself?。
“Yes,Then I want to hear what the goods have been in her hands.?”
“gasoline,cotton,gauze,Tung oil,Sugar……”
NS104chapter NS104 You answer me a few questions first.
“Is what you said true!?”Mirror listened to some don’t believe it.,Because Japan has already blocked the sea,Many countries are committed to Japan’s pressure on China.,Gasoline,drug,sugar,Many gauze and other http://www.sd-fy.cn things have money to buy.。
“If the chairman of the chairman has cooperation, you can check the goods first.。”
“How much is it in your hand?,Can you joking me?!”How did the mirror did not expect that he had to use all the relationships?,Today, some people take the initiative to send the door.。
Qi Rui, let Zhuang Xiaoman come over,Introduce the road:“Chairman,Who is this……”
“Miss Zhuang!”Ming Mingzhuang,I have heard that some of her hand has been heard.,But I didn’t know how many times.。
“You know.?”Qi Rui,
“Of course,Marsh sister is a famous patriotic businessman,Just never cooperate。”Zhuang Xiaoman doesn’t know why this is so interested in the mirror.,But what this kid does it seem to have a purpose.,You don’t have to ask more。
Mingglass I heard that Zhuang Xiaoman has a tight material,It seems that http://www.meilesc.cn it is true,But in order to prevent it from being deceived or verified,Ask:“Where is your goods??”
“No matter,I just give you a bridge.,Specific business you talk。”I have been sitting on the side.,
Zhuang Xiaoman gave the cargo inventory in accordance with the meaning of Rui Rui,The price is more than 20%,But the mirror agreed.,Because the price on this list is also more expensive.,This price can be purchased is already cheap.。
Selling so expensive is also reasonable,That is to let Zhuang Xiaoman can explain to the behind-the-scenes.,Also, I can often cooperate with Mirror.,Nothing is nothing,Qi Rui will find a chance to find a new year。
After the auction is over,Mirror follows Zhuang Xiaoman to the warehouse inspection,Found something wrong with things,So immediately,Rui Rui is waiting for the car waiting and has no blending,After the transaction is completed,Rui Rui took Zhuang Xiaoman to buy a Ford sedan,But it is second-hand,Because many businessmen have escaped from Shanghai,There are now many new cars for sale now.,Zhuang Xiaoman is also a cheap。
Back to the small building,Rui Rui said to Zhuang Xiaoman:“Do you know why do you do business with mirrors??”
“remember,Mirror is a very integrity businessman,And she does not have a messy thing.,The most important thing is that she is a woman.,You cooperate with her, I will not worry about you to suffer.!”
“Will I have a loss and a man??You are too young to see me.!”
“How do you make me a good look?,Silly, use yourself as a bet,Loss, you want to get it!”
“I am not for saving people?,Ritual,This business can’t do a few days.,I heard that the little devil has begun to assemble the army to prepare to attack Shanghai.!”
“Xiaoman,The devil hits you and stay at home.,What reserves for food is enough?!This is at least to play at least!”