Li Ming was also the founder of Taoism,Also participated in the creation,It’s in the basic version《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》On the basis of,Promote to《Nine-turn mystery of merit》。On the basis of ninth revolution,Make Vientiane Gods and Demons to Practice Basics,And start with merit,Make the Dharma foundation stronger,On the basis of the 9th turn, it is possible to practice the tenth turn of the True God chapter。Not as good as,Want this achievement,Must start with the golden light of merit。
Li Ming grabbed it,Take the Scarlet Flying Boat into your palm,At the same time,Put several treasures inside the flying boat,All the eruption of the master brand is completely destroyed。
Then my heart moved,Direct display of magical powers《Meteor Escape》,Ten times faster than normal,Leave this area quickly。
Only twenty breaths of time,An aura ten times stronger than the Daoist Darkness suddenly descended。
Saito’s five ancestors‘Rugged fairy’The world of Tao unfolds,Then his face changed。
A broken fragment of the bone shield was taken into his hand。
“Sly goblin!”The rugged fairy has a twisted face,The purpose of exterminating demons is to exterminate Saito,Naturally Saito would not be called that,Fairy Club。
He heard that‘Buddha knife’Second soul,Come to chase。
However, it didn’t take long for him to ask for help from the Dark You Daoist.。
but,When he arrives,The imprint left by the Black You Daoist disappeared。
He also understands,Black You Daoist is probably dead,Seeing his magic weapon fragment just proves it even more!