Flat tonic for fall

After entering the month of September, it officially entered the autumn, the weather became colder, and the physiological activities of the human body also changed. In this climate-changing season, it is very important to properly compensate for one.

  Autumn is also known as Golden Autumn. It is a season when the lungs, spleen, kidneys are weak, and those with low immune function, especially bronchitis and hypertension patients. So it is necessary to add more lungs, spleen and kidney, and qi and blood.; Healthy people must also add nutritious food to supplement the energy consumed early.

This is the “flat tonic” of dialysis. The number of medicated diets is introduced below for selection.

  One, rock sugar lotus seeds.

Detoxified lotus seeds 50 grams, add an appropriate amount of Leech crisp, season with rock sugar, water starch thicken into loquat and eat.

It is beneficial for women with weak leucorrhea, men with kidney deficiency, spermatozoa, impotence, premature ejaculation, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

  Second, Tremella congee.

20 grams of white fungus, 150 grams of rice, 20 grams of rock sugar.

The tremella was permeated with warm water to remove hard pedicles and impurities, and torn into petals.

Wash the previous meter.

Put the previous rice and white fungus in the same pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with Wuhuo, and then cook with gentle fire for 30 minutes, add rock sugar, and stir to serve.

It has the effects of nourishing yin, moistening dryness, regenerating Jin, quenching thirst, etc. It has the functions of nourishing the lungs, nourishing qi and blood, and strengthening the brain and strengthening the heart.

  Three or four glutinous rice porridge.

Longan meat, red dates, yam, barley kernels each 25 grams, add 100 grams of glutinous rice to cook porridge, season with 20 grams of rock sugar.

It is suitable for the conditioning of heart palpitations.

  Fourth, sesame walnuts.

50 grams of black sesame and 100 grams of walnut meat, respectively, sautéed with sautéed sauté, 4 tablespoons each time plus water, starch starch, seasoned with rock sugar, 2 times a day, regular clothes have kidney tonic, dry brain, Hei Xufa pleased the power of beauty.

  Five, black sesame porridge.

Black sesame seeds are cooked and ground. Use 50 grams each time to add 100 grams of rice to the previous porridge, season with salt, and eat sooner or later.

Regular eating has moisturizing hair, red and moisturized face, and premature hair loss effect.

  Six, return to the red jujube soup.

Use 30 grams of yellow thistle, 15 grams of angelica, 20 pieces of red dates, simmer for 30 minutes with water and cook for 2 times.

The soup has the functions of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and strengthening the brain and soothe the nerves.

  It may be that, in autumn, you should eat as little or as little spicy food as possible, such as peppers, shallots, ginger, etc., to prevent dryness.