Baby Life Electronic Supplies Gift Box (5 Piece Set)

Grand Electronic launches a family-friendly electronic intimate gift box (limited edition) with five products (soft-head thermometer, electric toothbrush, mosquito repellent, temperature and hygrometer, new ear picks).It’s not perfect yet, careful and meticulous is the prerequisite for the healthy growth of the baby. Grand Electronic’s intimate gift box is comprehensive, safe, fast and convenient to care for the baby from the environment to the body.

It is a must-have for mothers to take good care of their babies, and it is also the first choice for gifts.

  Gift price: 168 yuan Gift description: New luminous ear-earing: made of special transparent anti-bacterial material, specially designed with a flashlight function, and a high-energy small battery, making it easier for mothers to remove earwax.

  Soft-head thermometer: newborns, infants and young children’s own body temperature regulation function is not perfect, easily affected by external temperature.

Glang electronic thermometer makes it easier for you to grasp your child’s daily temperature, and it is a good help for mothers to prevent and judge whether the child is sick.

  Electric toothbrush: Grand electric toothbrush is specially designed for a baby’s small teeth. It has a novel cartoon appearance, small and soft bristles, easy to grasp, and it is easy to cause the baby’s interest in brushing teeth to develop a good habit of brushing teeth.

  Temperature and hygrometer: dual-use meter, clear temperature and humidity; wide scale, easy to read and clear dial; high accuracy, temperature error ± 2 ° C; moderate error ± 5% (40% -50); precision manufacturing, beautiful and durable.

  Mosquito repellent: physical mosquito repellent principle; no smoke, no irritating odor, healthy; small and exquisite appearance, fashionable and novel to carry; applicable ways: sleep and rest, outing in the countryside, outdoor activities, climbing fitness.

  Practical index: ★★★★ Unique creative index: ★★★★ Continuously remembered index: ★★★ Face index: ★★★★