Can I still believe in love?

The lonely protagonist: Winter night 35-year-old thought that our love model is the best: just to love, not to marry for other reasons, two people grow up together and experience the sweetness and bitterness of life together.

    But society is full of too many temptations: younger girls, more beautiful skin, brighter eyes, more charming smiles . In short, the most formatted story, he and his secretary, one younger than himMany girls have come together.

At that moment, I was not depressed, but I did not believe in love anymore.

If the love that is so close to each other will betray, what else is there to believe?

    At present, my career is still booming, my expression is still elegant, and there are still suitors around me.

I date different men, and my emotions are in a virtual boom: I am unhappy and painful when I associate with them.

I know very well that they can’t get in my heart, because there is a stubborn substitute for someone there.

  Maybe love, like leaves, falls early in my season.

  What is truly unforgettable is not necessarily sweetness and happiness, but also hurt and sorrow.

It is not easy to deliberately forget the person deep in your heart. Sometimes the more you want to forget, the more you will remind yourself that this person’s existence cannot be erased.

  Life is intertwined with love, hate, and sorrow. Without hate, there is no love. If there is love, there will be sorrow. In this case, why can’t we be more relieved?

Loved and paid, is itself a proof of the existence of life; being alive is just a process of love and hate, and those women who have been in the sea, why are they too obsessed with what they used to be, like this song sings: let life wait, Wait for the next drift, let life wait, wait for the next wound .