Yang Shiyun answered……And then dress up that man’s clothes,The height and hairstyle were notified to Yang Zhi and his fighting team in the headset one by one.。
Wait until the man walks through the gate of the park,Then after the figure disappeared,Yang Shiyun got up from the car。
“Target has entered the park。”
Yang Shiyun said again。
Qin Liang gave an order,Yang Shiyun and Yanzi immediately opened the door and rushed out of the car,Then stick the assault rifle on the side of your thigh,Walk quickly to the gate of the park。After that, Qin Liang and Luna jumped out of the car reserve,Also walked towards the gate of the park……
As soon as the man walked into the park,Yang Zhi found him,So he immediately aligned the man with the scope of the sniper rifle in his hand。
“I have targeted,He is in my sight。”
Yang Zhi’s voice rang in the headset,Everyone was relieved immediately,at least;He can’t run away now!
Meizi walked into the park,Just walked forward slowly along the road,She knows the man who asked herself to come here earlier,Must have appeared behind me,So she put all her attention on guarding the movement behind her。
It’s night already,The temperature in the park is a bit low,But Meizi thinks she is so hot,She reached out to unbutton the collar of her shirt,Then I realized I was wearing a body armor!
“No wonder i’m so hot,Ha ha……”
Meizi laughed at herself。The man who asked Meizi here,And walked briskly on the road in the same direction as Meizi,The street lights in the park are very bright,Plus there are almost no tourists,So after he entered the park,It was easy to spot the figure of Meizi in the distance,So he chased all the way
What he didn’t know was,Not far behind him,And several men with guns,Follow him in secret。
Five minutes later,This man is about to catch up with Meizi,He slowed down,Turn around and carefully look behind me,After making sure that no one is following you,He speeds up again,Chased Meizi。
“plum,He is already about twenty meters behind you,be careful。”