But Gao Hong at this time,For Ye Xuan,I admire more。
After all, as the designer of this matter。
Ye Xuan can handle every process in an orderly manner。
we can even say,some places,It’s not leaking。
Such ability,But no one,Can do this。
Just these,Actually, it’s enough for Ye Xuan to brag here。
Ye Xuan,See here,Whole person’s face,Is filled with a faint smile。
“Don’t doubt,Just listen to me。”
Ye Xuan finished,The others nodded repeatedly,Get up and leave。
Huangjia,Huang Long has learned the news。
But for such things,In fact, deep inside Huanglong,I still don’t understand。
After all such a thing,Actually it was too shocking。
but,Looking at all this,The more so,Actually Huanglong itself,The more I look, the more I feel,Actually this situation,It’s really good。