Qin Lin, who didn’t have to answer the question, just picked up the mineral water bottle,Ready to take a sip of water,I heard this reporter put this question to Hu Lai,Even though he doesn’t know Hu Lai,But he can also feel the emotions of the reporter,He held the mineral water bottle with the cap unscrewed and did not move,But turned to look at Hu Lai。
Then he found that Hu Lai’s eyes were empty,No response to this reporter’s question……
Obviously,He’s lost。
Dai Zetao hides in the last row of the news hall,A row of cameras there,He is standing behind the camera,Looks like a videographer。
He came in specially to see Hu Lai。
When he saw this scene,Can’t help but lower his head,Cover your forehead。
He knows Chen Jianyu,As a well-known sports reporter in Andong Province,Also a celebrity。Is it a celebrity,Naturally have personality and temper。This question does not mean that Chen Jianyu has any personal grievances with Hu Lai——Actually they didn’t even know each other before。
Then Chen Jianyu still asked,It’s just because I can’t understand Hu Lai’s performance just now——At the welcome ceremony specially prepared for them by the club,Former captain of the national team,When the legendary Qin Lin answered questions,So I’m wandering around,Really too much。
This big reporter probably wanted to teach Hu Lai a lesson。
Poor Hulai,Just came to the club,Didn’t leave a good first impression on the team’s reporters……
Qin Lin really did not expect the little player on his right to be distracted during the welcome ceremony.,So he put his right hand under the table,Then poked Hu Lai calmly。
Hu Lai just recovered,Looking at Chen Jianyu, who is standing in the press box and looking straight at him,I knew what happened in an instant。
Then he tried to remember what the reporter said just now,Nothing else,Just remember the last sentence:“Why choose to join Shining Star?”
So his answer blurted out:“Of course it is because of Director Zhao,Director Zhao and I have been with the Poseidon Youth Team,So as soon as Director Zhao called me,I came……”
As he said, he remembered how Qin Lin answered this question just now,So he smiled and said quickly:“I am also very happy to play for my hometown team。”