Ye Tianzong hit Ren Fengping mercilessly on the head。
Hairpin dropped to the ground,Long hair spread out,Drifting in the wind,Overall look,Like a crazy woman who has lost her heart!
“Since I’m here to ask my wife to sign the agreement,Then show your sincerity。”
“Your daughter is talking nonsense,I tore her mouth。”
“And you,Dare to say disrespect to my wife,I want your life!”
Talking,Ye Tianzong didn’t know when to take out a pair of scissors,On Ren Fengping’s neck。
Icy blade,Like a throat。
Just get in an inch,She would have blood on the spot!
“you you you……”
Ren Fengping paled with fright。
I’m trembling even when I speak。
Ren Qingqing was scared to cry,Don’t dare to speak up。
“Damn,You fool,You let go of my sister,Don’t hurt her。”
After all, they are relatives。
Ren Dongguo shouted anxiously。
And Zhang Chunqin’s face is cold,Not to mention,This fool is a fool,But sometimes I do stupid things,Kind of relieved。