**Man was slightly startled,Then sneered,Said,“That happens,If i lose,I am willing to stay in China,Worship at your door,Learn Chinese medicine from you!”
When Mo Xiaosheng heard this, his eyes suddenly brightened,If this is against Chinese medicine**Man must really worship himself as a teacher,Since then, a large number of western doctors in the world,Who dare to underestimate Chinese medicine?
“of course it’s true!”**Man snorted nonchalantly,He doesn’t think he will lose at all,he knows,As soon as the little princess walks out of the room,Will immediately ask to come back。
Not just the smog air in Beijing,Her lungs can’t take it,And the burning sensation of the noon sun,It’s also unacceptable for her delicate skin。
“His Royal Highness Prince,You heard the conversation between us,Please help to be a witness!”
Mo Xiaosheng said quite excitedly,Some look forward to this madness**Man calls himself“Master”Moment。
Prince Louis nodded,But his eyes still hesitate,Took a look at my sister,Then gritted his teeth,Called the assistant next to me,Order him to buy two balls。
“Princess Daisy,Haven’t you been out for a long time??”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled gently at Princess Daisy,“I’ll take you out to play, OK??”
“it is good,But i……my body……”Princess Daisy said worriedly。
“It’s ok,I am a Chinese medicine doctor,I am here,You won’t have anything!”Mo Xiaosheng smiled brightly at her。
Princess Daisy seems to be infected by Mo Xiaosheng’s smile,She has seen hundreds of doctors,Only Mo Xiaosheng is the doctor who makes her feel the most relaxed,So she nodded vigorously。