Everyone is speechless,What can i say?
But why does it feel like this guy is pretending?
Seems to be hit,Mo Xiaoxiao left and went to the studio,Enter the role quickly,Then others left one after another。
Liu Ou went back to review the knowledge of background music for film and television,Xu Kun went shopping with his girlfriend。
Qi Kang and Chen Xuewen,I have something to do,Lin Dong asked what they were up to,The two eyes flashed,Just don’t say。
Lin Dong didn’t know what the hell was the two of them!
But I don’t really care。
People are gone,The small building is quiet,Lin Dong took out Qin Dacheng’s preparation materials,Ready for research,But no two pages,He is a little drowsy。
These theoretical and professional things,Lin Dong really can’t get in。
finally,Lin Dong casually threw the information on the coffee table,Rubbed his head。
Forget it,Still play an erhu song,Let’s go!
No song,Then two songs,Just tonight’s performance is going to be a celebration,Tomorrow’s class,Let the students become familiar with the rivers and the birthday wishes。
Thought of here,Lin Dong feels a lot easier。
Not going out in the afternoon,Have to wait for the piano to be delivered,Lin Dong went upstairs to copy the book。