Lin Yu grabbed a step and said:“it is good,One hundred thousand, right??
no problem,I’ll call people to withdraw money now。”
“Lin Yu,What are you doing?”
Along heard this,Anxious question。
After all, this is 100,000,Not a small sum。
“Nothing,You don’t need to pay this money。”
Seeing Along’s face aggrieved,Lin Yu smiled,Replied。
“Humph,Still not paying,That’s your business,Hurry up and find someone to bring money,if not,Don’t blame me for being polite。”
Feng Yu heard Lin Yu’s words,Arrogant and disdainful。
Dididi!!!Lin Yu took out his cell phone and called Zhao Long。
quickly,The phone is connected:“Zhao Long,Receive one hundred thousand cash to Secretary Liang,Let her go to where I am now,I’ll post the location to her later。”
“Lin Zong,I know。”
Zhao Long on the phone,Although I don’t understand why Lin Yu suddenly asked for 100,000 cash。
Can hear the tone of anxiety,Quickly arrange people to pick up money。
After making this call,Lin Yu sent another location to Secretary Liang。
Simultaneously,Even let her treat the company’s lawyer,Also called here。