Nima score!
See the three people walking on the back garden,Les feels it again,While curse the three people,Next second will be swallowed by monsters,Think about why the three people have not been attacked by monsters。
Can always be a monster??
Should not,Ghost local people smoke,Monsters habit this place,There must be a habit of storage food。
Why is it??
Les Best can’t understand,Seeing that the three people walk,Leave only back,Can’t bear it to bear the pistol:“Laura,Raise your hand,Don’t force me to shoot。”
No bullet,But that’s okay,This matter is only him know。
“Les,You actually live alive,It’s really life.。”Laura blows a whistle,Don’t care about being a gun。
“All of you,Give me。”
Les is lying on the big tree,Guns passing three people:“No one moves,The monster here……”
“Rational,No bullet in the gun,Dressing。”
Liao Wenji mouth,Continue to go to the woods,Laura smiled and waved against Les,Turn around。
Les of Les bib,Supply dry and stand up,Slow motion,Go in the direction of the three people。
Behind the wind whistling,Less figure is stiff,I can’t see me.,And the black shadow guard played the game of wood people。
However, there is no ovulation,The blood is under the head,獠 獠 张,Half of Lees Half,Drag him into the big tree。
unfair,So big three people, you don’t bite,But specially staring at me,It’s clear that their movements are catching up with the concert.……
The last moment of life,Les made an indignant mourning,Whole person is treated as a beach black。
“it’s wired,Why do monsters don’t attack us??”It’s going to go out of the mountain,Laura does not bear。
When I heard the gun,She realizes the monster to start activities,To avoid tragedy,Also played with Les,Until by Liao Wenjie looks with a silly eye,Only red face stop,Oh, following the other side。
See the way Less is full of tragedy,This problem has grown again.,The heart has guess,I want to ask for a certificate。
“Because of the magic,Black shadow guards will not attack people holding magic.。”Liao Wenjie gives an explanation。
“It turned out to be like this!”
JackieConnect to the head,He does not believe。
JackieKnow that Liao Wenjie is a high person with this matter,The other party is reluctant to say,Maybe there is outsider of Lara,Since this,Own,He didn’t ask。
“It turned out because of the magic。”
Laura noddard,She also does not believe。
When Liao Wenjie is easy to open the magic ball map,Laura is doubting some relationship between Liao Wenjie and Pandora,The monster does not attack him also have this reason。
Otherwise, you can’t explain the same reading map.,Liao Wenjie knows what,She only saw the location of the holy mountain of God。
in addition,Recall the scene of the in the grassland and Liao Wenjie,How to see all the other party waiting for her。
Re-accurate point,Liao Wenjie is waiting for her to bring the magic ball over。
This man is not ordinary people,He must have many secrets!
Laura intensive,Like a treasure,Open this treasure,She can more recognize this world more。
Three people leave the woods,Before the stone chest like a similar ant hole,Rear mountain forest roar,A black shadow guard,For the three people of Liao Wenjie, roaring。