I finally arrived at this very important thing, but it should be reasonable.。
Under this special competition,As long as the deputy will win this game,The remaining three games will be directly promoted.,The party with a powerful girl’s player is destined to come to the end。
In the room in the sea,Corporation packed up the line,Will wear yourself to perfect。
Mood accidentally calm,I have long thought about this day.。
The only thing http://www.njlhj.cn that is inadequate is the weather.,It turned over rainy days,The dry heat pressure of the low latitude is not breathable.。
Another room,Saito is also cleaned up with the mirror.。
In the past,Will have a virtuous wife to take care of everything around him.,But now I only rely on myself.。
A gray brown suit windbreaker,Like a joint criminal police,A scarf in an old old year bypassing neck。
Finally a folding fan。
Corona’s chess。
The wind, the wind, the sky!
Same time scale,Two people spirit,One foot walk out,Roll up a hurricane!
“Saito teacher!”
Both have revealed the gods of magical laughter。
Chapter 74 · Dragon and Suzaku
Pacific,The Dragon Palace is in the waves.!
The chandelier of the dome is uneasy,咿 咿 声,Ice cubes in the wine glass are constantly。
It was originally used as a dance hall at this moment.,Four chessboards are separated from the four corners of the room,Do not interfere with each other,Even if one of the results,The referee will not announce loudly,Solvert to other teammates。
Just the brick is also black and white,Just lining the color of Go,Qualified to join the Nine-palace family。
Deputy head,Section of Qingdao Deer, the aroma of the battle wood。
Crawage,Seven paragraphs of bamboo knife forging。
Submerged battle,The second paragraph of the two paragraphs of the North Court。
Pioneering battle,Well starry eight paragraphs of the battle summer。
Eight players,Four chessboard,Tear tight and bitter,Quiet to the ice time,Only the scale of the clock is left。
“Time is really fast.,In the blink of an eye, I went to the ticket to compete for the final.。”Straight and generous。
“Yes,Well-known,Holiday time is so fast,Not as long as working in http://www.0733shw.cn work。”Sitting on the other side of the question, is the magnificent eight paragraph。
“This way.,It turns out that this dragon battle is really a holiday battle.。”I am helpless。
“no way,Depth will be a position6Minute,Just equivalent to the pioneer,I can only use women’s streams.,I have doubt what insider trading this is。”Bigmu is smirk。