Ou Jing, I heard the dialogue between the two.,He shook his head,really,Love can make people become a fool,He originally thought that Lu Hao is stupid.,I didn’t expect Blue Xin to be silly.。
When Lu Haocheng said such a love story,Today,It is an arms.,Lu Haocheng actually said such an lyrical call.。
Blue Xin listen this,Soft and soft,Lu Haocheng said this Sacred tone,Also cute, there is an impulse that I want to pet him inexplicably.。
She is holding his arm,Laugh:“husband,I only love you.。”
Hearing this in Europe:“”“I say,You two,Can you pay attention?,Here is the company。”
Blue Xin laughs,The smile is like warm sun in winter.,Warmth,She said:“European secretary,My husband is the old company in the company.,We can be different。”
European:“”He also has some shares。
“You can really be different,but,Please converge a little,I looked at it.。”
Ou Jing, uncommon。
Blue Xin:“”He is awkward?
Blue Xin laughs,Eye wave:“European secretary,We are born is the soul of each other.,What do you think?”
European:“”He doesn’t think,He only felt that she got on Lu Haozheng’s thief boat and she didn’t know.。
Lu Haocheng smiled and looked at the European,“Landscape ,The most fascinating people only have my http://www.leitapp.cn blue blue,I am guarding my blue blue.。”
Blue Xin listen this,This Lu Hao Cheng is simply super,Super touch。
“go,You have two hurdle leave here.,See you two,I am a single dog.。”
Ou Jing, waved toward two people。
“hehe”Blue Xin and Lu Haocheng laughed,Two people enter the office to eat。
Ou Jingzhen shook his head,The lips are not commended by their own。
Suddenly feel a different eye,He lifts slightly,Looking at Su Seiming is not far away,Hand inserted in a gray coat,Slightly,I looked angry with him.。
Ou Jing, looks at him:“Since it is coming,Why not sound?”
Su Sei Ming went to him,Look down:“European,Have you ever hidden me??
The three children are Lu Haozheng,I seem to be the last known.。”
Ou Jing’s eyes flashed,Can this blame?,I only blame your mouth.,Can’t close the tight thing。
However, if http://www.sxkexing.cn this thing is to let Su Sei Ming know,I am afraid he has never been good.。
“What do you say??
We also just knew。”
Ou Jingqi did not see Su Shengming,Desk。
Su Shengming looked at him and didn’t dare.,Cold and cold:“European,Then why don’t you dare to look at me??”
Ou Jing is unhappy, look at him.,“Why don’t I dare to see you?,I am preparing for the information,I don’t dare to see you.,But there is no time to pay you.。”
Su Sei Ming watched him smile:“European,do you know?
A kind of person,I love to move the stone to my own feet.。”
European:“Is this kind of person??”
“Um,Musical fake can never be reached with its growth in power,It’s really good to look like it.。”
Su Shengming looked at him,Ou Jing, there is a habit,I don’t dare to look at people when I am lying.,He has just said that panic,They must have something to look at him.。
“hehe”Ou Jing, cold and cold:“Su Sei Ming,Give you your face, you have to,Speaking with you is polite。
What are you doing here??
Have something to say,Nothing,I want to work,Don’t bother me,You also know that the company is very busy now.。”
“hehe”Su Sei Ming also laughed:“Landscape,You are more polite to me.,Just prove you,The less I don’t want to have any relationship with me.,The more you don’t want to have a relationship with me.,It’s a lot of things to deceive me.,Tell me,How much is it??