Must use powerful transportation,Otherwise, you will be surrounded by the opponent again sooner or later。Li Tianchou noticed a dilapidated classic car at the entrance of the clinic very early,Looks like a domestic Shenlong car,I don’t know if I can move,But try it anyway。
The owner of the clinic is also Chinese,The children seem to run a restaurant in Lashio,I have been in Myanmar for more than 20 years,It’s a pity that this person was shot as soon as he was surrounded,Li Tianchou didn’t have time to warn,Very guilty,If there is a chance in the future,Will repay the grace of acceptance,But this time I’m going to harass again,Borrow a car。
After the opposing team reunited,But I was surprised to find that Li Tianchou went round and round the town,I don’t know why,I had to divide the troops again。
But this time to contain Li Tianchou,The other party changed strategy,Only sent a small number of people,About ten,It sticks far away like a gumdrop,Neither approach,Not too far away,It may be that he is too agile,Just hang around,Wait until the army turns around and eat it in one bite。
This has created very favorable conditions for Li Tianchou,After getting into the car calmly,He found that the car was dilapidated despite its appearance,But the internal situation is actually much better than expected,After a few hits, it caught fire。
He smashed all the front windshield,Two spears extended,Hold one hand,The other is against the co-pilot,Turn on the two headlights in front of the car,Rushed out of the side street next to the clinic with a buzz。
How can the chasing soldiers be easily let go,A random shot makes the car ping pong pong,But none of them hit the wheels and other vital parts,I can only watch the car go away。
With the help of a car,Li Tianchou is like a fish in water,He was originally good at locomotives,Urban anti-terrorism training,He is very skilled,Have been pursuing the realm of human and vehicle integration,In actual combat exercises,This guy is crazy,The instructors are all a little worried。
The car is so-so,But there are relatively flat roads outside the town,Turned out to be the best assault tool。Li Tianchou saw that group of chasing soldiers after a few steps,So the speed is raised to the limit,Rushed up with a boom。
In haste,The chaser who reacted was blinded by the dazzling headlights,So they yelled and fled around,As for the chief’s order,That’s after the escape,Few people dare to shoot。
After the first impact,The opponent’s formation collapsed.,And knocked over several soldiers。With the harsh brakes,An elegant flick of the car,Return head,Rushed over again with a boom,Just hit a crowded place。
The road outside the town immediately became chaotic,Gunfire、The harsh brakes are accompanied by various ghosts and howlings,Stunned Hu Dehai in the distance。
Li Tianchou repeatedly turned around,Boom the throttle,accelerate,brake、Mechanical action,Extremely tacit and precise coordination of hands and feet,Occasionally I can take a cold shot。
Every time,His mind becomes more calm,Even facing a soldier with a far-end gun a dozen meters in front,He won’t blink,Because the other party is more nervous than him,Facing the invisible pressure from a rapid collision,Without seven or eight years of training,There is absolutely no such calm and decisive psychological quality,It’s nice to stand with a gun without shaking,Not to mention aiming and shooting。
Last collision,Li Tianchou almost drove the car into the ditch,But successfully hid that person by the roadside、Hoarse、The chief who kept giving all kinds of orders was hit and flew。