Four major causes of skin dehydration

Guide: Beauty-conscious women know that the consequences of skin dehydration are very serious, the skin is rough and dull, and there are other symptoms that follow.

So how to add enough moisture to the skin?

Experts recommend that before hydrating the skin, be sure to understand what causes the skin to be dehydrated.

Xiaobian collected and organized the information, skin water and oil imbalance, dry environment, excessive cleansing, causing instant moisturization, etc. are the culprits of skin dehydration.

  Do you often feel dry and dull?

Experts say that no matter what your skin is dehydrated, you must first understand the essential cause of its dehydration, so as to fundamentally improve the skin’s dehydration and do the work of hydrating.

There are four main reasons for skin dehydration: skin water and oil imbalance Skin has the ability to self-adjust water and oil balance.

When the skin’s ability to regulate is out of balance, skin problems such as oily skin dehydration cause dryness, mainly due to the lack of water factors in the skin.

Dry skin is dehydrated due to lack of oil to lock in moisture.

  Dry skin caused by any type of skin may be rid of moisture by air conditioning, ultraviolet rays, and harsh environments, and become abnormally dry.

  Excessive cleansing replaces cleansing products with extended cleaning capabilities, or excessive and excessive exfoliation will cause the skin surface to become more and more fragile, so the original normal skin gradually becomes dry.

  Most of the instant moisturizing is easy to ignore the period of moisturizing while replenishing.

Because grease has a strong lock fluid, without this protective film, moisture will be evaporated by the environment quickly.

Message from the editor: If you often hydrate your skin, but find that your skin is still dull, then you must first find out whether your hydration method is correct. Maybe you haven’t found the reason for the skin’s dehydration.Do more with less.