Demystifying 5 long-standing food rumors

Non-fried foods are not necessarily healthy Nowadays, in major supermarkets, non-fried foods that are labeled as “non-fried and healthier” have appeared.

So, is non-fried healthier than fried food?

  Taking instant noodles as an example, fried instant noodles need to be boiled and dried, while non-fried instant noodles are directly dried with hot air.

Professor Hu Xiaosong, associate dean of the School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, pointed out that non-fried is just a selling point, far less healthy than imagined.

  First, regardless of the manufacturing process, fried and non-fried starchy foods contain carcinogen amylamide.

Wu Yongning, an expert from the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, pointed out that fried instant noodles have not been found to have higher acrylamide content than non-fried instant noodles.

  In general, whether it is fried or not, puffed foods are added with a large number of flavoring agents, including sweeteners, sodium glutamate, and salts.

Among them, only salt, long-term excessive intake will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  In addition, long-term injection of leavening agents such as potassium aluminum sulfate or aluminum ammonium sulfate into such foods will cause aluminum in the body to exceed the standard, and induce dementia and osteomalacia.

  Chicken Essence, the main congee and MSG. Many people have heard that eating MSG is not good, so they switched to Essence of Chicken and Essence of Mushroom.

But is this really the case, is chicken essence really more natural and healthier than MSG?

  In fact, the main ingredient of chicken essence is essence, but MSG is a single sodium glutamate, and chicken essence is a compound seasoning, and the sodium glutamate content is about 40%.

In addition to monosodium glutamate in chicken essence, there are starch (to form granules), taste-enhancing nucleotides (to increase the taste of monosodium glutamate), sugar, and other spices.

Strictly speaking, chicken essence should also have some ingredients from chicken, such as chicken powder, chicken oil, etc., to produce chicken flavor.

However, because chickens are relatively expensive, in order to reduce costs, manufacturers may not use chickens at all.

Therefore, whether the chicken essence you buy contains chicken-derived ingredients is entirely the manufacturer, and consumers are basically unable to judge from the product.

From this point, chicken essence is not healthier than MSG, the key is to use it reasonably.

  Natural foods will also fade. Now, food safety issues are worrying everyone, especially for some foods that are easy to fade, how to recognize that the shape of the color is normal, and some kind of color is abnormal?

  Some people think that bright red strawberries, virgin fruits and peanut beans are washed out of red water, and the water of black sesame is turned black because of the dyeing.

Red apples do not fade even if washed, so natural foods will not fade.

  In fact, plant pigments are a very complex type of chemical substance. Before artificial pigments were developed, they could decorate our lives with pigments and colorful, so natural foods will also fade.

However, each food contains different pigments and therefore has different characteristics.

Experiments have shown that natural black sesame, purple rice, and peanut beans are stained with washed water, and broken strawberries are stained with red water, which cannot be explained by the result of artificial coloring.

However, the whole strawberry and virgin fruit will not be stained with red water. If you encounter a strange discoloration at this time, I am afraid that you can really buy food with color “beauty”.

  Virgin fruit is not genetically modified food Virgin fruit (commonly known as small tomato) is a very popular fruit and vegetable because of its rich nutrition, good taste and easy to eat, but recently there are rumors on the Internet that Virgin fruit is genetically modified food.Impact on human health.

This, Zhang Guisheng, deputy director of the Xi’an Agriculture Bureau, made it clear that the virgin fruit is not genetically modified food, and someone can eat it with confidence.

  Liu Jianhui, an associate professor at the College of Horticulture, Northwest A & F University, said that the virgin fruit belongs to the tomato genus, originally named “cherry tomato”, and was introduced from Taiwan, but the first introduced variety was named “virgin”, so someone later took allTomatoes are known as “Virgin Fruits”. In fact, there are many varieties of small tomatoes.

  And, in 500 BC, when wild tomatoes were collected into their own vegetable gardens by the Central and South Americans of the time, the tomatoes had a small body that stood shoulder to shoulder with cherries.

Later, after growing cross-breeding, tomatoes became bigger and bigger.

  Sugar-free foods are not necessarily healthy. The definition of sugar-free foods is internationally accepted: sugar-free foods cannot include sucrose and sugars derived from starch, including glucose, maltose, and fructose.

However, it must contain a substitute for sugar, and generally uses a variety of sweeteners that can substitute for sucrose, such as sugar alcohols or low decomposition blood sugar.

  However, if sugar alcohol and low purity are added, the cost will obviously be higher.

As a result, most products have turned to high-efficiency sweeteners, sometimes acetam, cyclamate, saccharin, etc.

The sweetness of these things is several hundred times that of sucrose. So in the original formula, 40 grams of sucrose was added to 100 grams of products. Now only a few grams of sweetener is enough. What is used to pile up?

First of all, it’s either starch or starch supplements, some dextrin and the like that are going to be filled.

These things are as fast as raising blood sugar like white sugar, and are as easy to gain weight as white sugar. For people with diabetes and weight loss, it is also a big trouble.