Can vegetarian food make you live longer?

When it comes to vegetarian food, people naturally think of two aspects: one is Buddhism and the other is health.

  Vegetarian food mainly refers to not eating animal food, but eating vegetables and fruits.

To the children of the Buddhist family, being vegetarian is called eating Zhai, which is a kind of practice.

If you are vegetarian, others will ask, “Are you a believer in Buddhism?”

The ancients believed that vegetarian food is good for health.

Ming Quan pediatrician Wan Quan proposed in his book “Four Essentials of Health” that vegetarian food can make one’s body and spirit in the best state.

With the development of modern nutrition, experts have found that many cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, etc. are caused by eating meat.

Therefore, some people believe that vegetarian food helps people live longer.

  Does vegetarianism have anything to do with longevity?

This is not a simple question, we have to start with nutrition.

  Five types of nutrients maintain human development, growth, and active substances are called nutrients, mainly: 1.

Carbohydrates, including sugars and starches, mainly provide the transformation required for human activities; 2.

Adults, in addition to providing the transformation required for human activities, are also essential substances that constitute the human body; 3.

Protein, also known as protein, is the main substance of the human body and can also provide transformation; 4.

Vitamins, including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, B12, etc., are mainly involved in the physiological functions of the human body; 5.

Minerals, including potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, and selenium, are also involved in the physiological functions of the human body.

  Food is mainly classified into three categories: meat, grain and vegetables and fruits.

In fact, the above five types of nutrients are present in various foods, but there are differences in various nutritional components of various foods.

  Grains have the highest carbohydrate content, accounting for about 70%, and protein content is close to 10%; meat contains the most protein, and lean meat contains as much as 40%.

The aunt ‘s soy beans and peanuts in the plants also come from fat.

Vitamin A and Vitamin C are the most in fresh vegetables and fruits, calcium is the most in milk, and B vitamins are accumulated in coarse grains, but vitamin B12 is mainly found in the meat and internal organs of animals.

  Foods made from rice, flour, and fried substitutes such as meat, oil, and vegetables are the basic forms of reasonable nutrition food for people.

  If you have a rich supply of protein, your body will be strong and well developed.

Vitamins and fats are the main raw materials for human body heating, and the supply should be sufficient, otherwise weight and labor cannot be maintained; too much, it is easy to form obesity.

Eat too few vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins, lack of minerals, poor health, and easy to get sick.

So you need to balance your budget.

Some people think that something is nutritious, eat a lot, and eat it every day; others don’t like something (such as eggs, meat) and never eat it.

In the long run, nutritional imbalances are harmful to health.

  A better habit is to eat different foods frequently, eat everything and not picky eaters.

There is a habit of people, “Those who eat continuously and do not want to eat; those who have not eaten for a long time, want to eat.

“This helps maintain nutritional balance.

  The topic of vegetarian personal malnutrition medicine therapy is to consume a diet that is free of animal foods.

In addition to animal protein, other nutrients in vegetarian food are basically complete.

Therefore, vegetarian food can maintain the most basic life, growth, development, reproduction and activity of the human body.

  However, after all, protein is an important substance that constitutes the human body and cannot be lacking.

If plant protein is used instead, is it possible for a certain food?

In particular, it is more difficult.
Because plants have the highest protein content, and the quality (that is, the type and amount of essential amino acids in the human body) is not as good as animal protein, it is difficult for plant protein to reach the ideal standard in terms of quantity or quality.
Using animal meat as food has become the main source of protein for all humans.

This is a human consensus and there is no doubt about it.

  Plant-based proteins, including vegetables, fruits, and grains, are also important nutrients for humans. They are a source of protein for vegetarians and can support life, but they are not as effective as eating with meat.

  Vegetarian food may not help the longevity of traditional Chinese medicine. Why do people eat meat foods and get sick?

This is because they are not used properly when eating animal meat.

Animal meat and its internal organs, fish, shrimp, etc. all contain a lot of cholesterol.

Cholesterol is an essential nutrient for the body, but excessive use can cause arteriosclerosis.

Arteriosclerosis is the cause of cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction and cerebral embolism, and is the leading cause of death in old age.

Blaming animal food is the bane, in fact, eating too much animal food is not the fault of animal food itself.

  In fact, longevity is a complex issue, including human genetic factors and environmental factors.

Many factors in the environment such as air, soil, culture, education, science, economy, politics, and interpersonal relationships are closely related to longevity.

Nutrition is only part of it.

  According to current research by scientists, it has not been proven that vegetarian food helps longevity, but it has been proven that a nutritionally balanced diet, including animal protein, helps human health and longevity.