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Beidaihe can be said to be one of the four municipal districts of Qinhuangdao. Beidaihe is located in the eastern part of Hebei. It is like a bright night pearl. At the same time, many important places are staying in Beidaihe. Beidaihe can be a very worthwhile city to visit, not only to appreciateThe local food culture and characteristics, Beidaihe has famous buildings and famous attractions, especially the Qinhuang site and the Guanyin Temple built in the late Ming Dynasty are in Beidaihe.

How to choose Beidaihe’s specialty Yangchangzi ham sausage Yangchangzi ham sausage is the most famous specialty of Beidaihe seashore. It has a round shape, flexible, and rose red in appearance.

It is about 35 cm long and weighs about 0.

About 5 kg.

Its meat is fresh and tender, with a delicate fragrance.

The production of ham sausage has a history of nearly one hundred years. Based on the production of German-style ham sausage, it has absorbed the Han nationality’s production technology and gradually formed a unique specialty.

The finished intestine is rich in flavor, unique in taste, and has a long aftertaste.

This kind of ham sausage was created by an old artist named Yang Tingzhen. As time goes by, his fame has grown, and people have given him a stage name called “yang sausage”. The ham sausage he made is also called “yangIntestine “.

Seafood conch hard shell animal, shellfish, it has too many types, red snail, spicy snail, wave snail and so on.

Conch is not only soft and delicious, but also has a medicinal value.

The conch has a spiral shape. Take the conch meat and insert it into its head with a bamboo stick, and slowly twist it outwards, otherwise it will end up in the conch shell.

Conch shells can be used as “spiral” or processed into ashtrays and other crafts.

The huge conch can have 0.

5 kg in weight.

Conch can be used for a variety of dishes: “Ginger conch conch”, “Gang conch”, “oil burst conch”, “white cut conch” and so on.

The conch meat is dipped in ginger and tastes unique.

Crab is an arthropod, which looks a bit like a spider and walks sideways.

Crabs are both medicinal and tonic.

Big crabs can grow to zero.

5 kg in weight.

The crab meat is white and delicate, silky and delicious.

Generally boiled and steamed and dipped in ginger to eat, both supplement and maintain the original flavor.

Can also be cooked: “Whole Crab Dance Hammer”, “Ginger Sea Crab”, “Hibiscus Crab Slices”, “Crispy Crab Claws” and so on.

Do not eat moist crabs. Fast-fried crab meats must be fasted, otherwise they will be susceptible to poisoning.

For long-term storage, crabs can be frozen or dyed with hay.

Oysters, also known as sea oysters, can be cooked or eaten fresh.

Deep-fried fresh sea oysters can be cooked into fried oyster yellow.

Stew the sea oysters with sauerkraut, and place them in the sea oyster hot pot.

Scallops are scallops and they are named at the same time.

Fresh scallops can be eaten directly after they are cooked, or they can be eaten by dipping.

After the scallops are taken out and dried, they can be made into the famous sea cherries-scallops.