He still covers his stomach with his hands,Frown,Said:“Lili,wear clothes,Go to the hospital。”
Xia Jihan panicked when he heard it,Say:“I am an ambulance。”Just go get the phone。
Guan Hao stopped her,Say:“Do not,Back to Beijing。”
She was stunned,It takes an hour to go back to Beijing without traffic jams at night,He obviously can’t drive a car like this。And she doesn’t know the roads in Beijing,And she has never touched his Audi,She can only open Alto,So she said:“but……”
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First237chapter Sudden emergency
I haven’t finished the following,Interrupted by his gesture,Obviously he knows what she is going to say。 He lifted the quilt,Shrunk to find clothes。Xia Jihan hurried to help him,Said:“Wait,I go get the clothes。”
After dressing him casually,she says:“Take a fever-reducing medicine?”
Xia Jihan helped him downstairs,Put a coat on him,He doesn’t wear a coat at all,But today I have a fever,Cold all over,Had to put on。Xia Jihan put a scarf around his neck again,Bring your own bag,I took him out。
Xia Jihan is nervous,Although she is very cold,But this time in the cold midnight,There was sweat on her forehead,Under the command of Guan Hao,She finished them one by one,Go to the fire if your hands are trembling,Missing,Go again,Not yet。
Xia Jihan’s tears are almost coming out,Can you not hurry?He hurts so badly,Why not go to the local hospital,I don’t believe in the medical level here?I’m still afraid to trouble people here?Isn’t this looking for sin??She calmed down,Took a long breath,Fire again,Audi car seems to have a special induction,Was awakened gently by her,And breathing with her nervous heartbeat。After Audi breathes smoothly and evenly,She put down the handbrake,Oil slowly,Lift up the clutch,Audi jumped forward,She was shocked,Quickly put down the throttle,Only then slowly drove out of the army compound,Go to the highway intersection into Beijing。
“What is laughing?Still in the mood to laugh?”Xia Jihan asked,Staring straight ahead,Hold the steering wheel tightly with both hands。
Listen to him,Xia Jihan breathed out again,She remembered telling him that her car was“Audi’s brother Alto”,Knowing that he is decompressing his mind,Just follow his tone and say:“Best sit down,Don’t distract the driver。”
Xia Jihan dropped the seat belt under his right arm,Said:“how about it,So I found it。”Talking,Took a look at him,Touched his forehead with my hand,Still very hot,She said:“Why don’t you call Xiaoyao?,Let him wait in the hospital in advance。”
Guan Hao thought for a while and thought it made sense,So I called Guan Yao,Guan Yao got anxious when he heard it,Say:“brother,I’ll pick you up!”“No need to,You are waiting in the hospital。”Hung up after speaking。