President Wang doesn’t seem to understand Zhao Shao’s nine words,Still smiling openly。
Chapter One Hundred and Forty Nine invite
Zhao Shaojiu can naturally see the position of President Wang in everyone’s minds,It is estimated that the collusion was done a long time ago,I want to divide their Zhao family。
“I don’t know if President Wang came uninvited……”
“Oh~it’s okay no problem,You discuss your,Just to watch,This is not a hindrance!”
“Not count!”
Really an old fox,Keep yourself out of the picture in a few words,I’m not here to give this bunch of doggies to the town。
Zhao Shaojiu no longer cares about each other,But to look at everyone:“Everybody,I have said the point,Let’s just forget about the Eight Group Alliance,If you want to do,You can do it yourself。”
Anyway, I want to engage with them,It’s the same everywhere。
“Miss Zhao,You won’t give us face,It’s hard to think we are not qualified?”
“Just,If you think we are not good,Are you still investing in Bincheng?!”
Some people,The tone of everyone’s speech rose again,Everyone is blushing,Seems to be greatly wronged。
Mo Qilin has long seen everyone upset,An abyss-like cold breath emanating from the body,Reduce the temperature of the meeting room to zero again。
The smiling President Wang tapped his fingers on the desktop rhythmically,When the cold breath came,A hot aura came out of the opponent,Suppress Mo Qilin’s momentum firmly。